Things Told to Me…That Weren’t True!

Maybe you’ve heard a few of these gems as well?

You need to be louder, otherwise people will put you in a box.

You should really speak up, no one can hear you.

You’re too quiet.

You’re very quiet.

You’re really quiet.

You shouldn’t be so shy.

You should be less reserved.

You shouldn’t be so reserved.

You really need to come out of your shell.

Your writing style just doesn’t work.

You can’t wear that color.

I love this, so you (everyone) have (has) to!

I guess that was really easy for you.

You’re so lucky, it’s easy for you.

You’ve never had any problems.

Maybe you’re too picky.

You should drink more.

Well, the thing with the place you come from…Ah no, wait, different blog post.


Things You Say to Yourself in Your Twenties

…when you think you’ve suddenly got it all figured out. Or you feel like you don’t have to. But some of the things on your mind are…

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

OK, I thought the zit thing was over. This is really unfair.

This university thing is scary, but I’m not gonna tell anyone. How am I going to get a job with this degree? What am I going to do? WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE?

Wow, moved into a dorm. Gonna pay rent and all. I’m so mature.

All those internships want someone experienced, but how am I supposed to gain experience if no one will hire me? Why won’t they let me get experience? How am I going to get a job later? WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE?

They say exams are tough, but the studying really sucks. I hate waiting.

Oh my God, my first post-graduation job. When did it come to this?


Where did the last three months go? I’m so tired.

Ran into Eyelashes the other day and was surprised I even recognized him. I’ve totally moved on. Also, his eyelashes are not that long, after all.

I totally know what I want in a man.

I have no clue what I want in a man.

I want to travel the world NOW.

I don’t have enough money to travel the world NOW.

Hey, look at me giving advice to a teenager!








Things You Tell Yourself in Your Teens

…which might not necessarily be true or beneficial, but hey, how else are you supposed to find out?

That hairstyle is a really good idea AND I WANT IT NOW.

Oh my God, what did I do!

EVERYONE is wearing * insert item of clothing or accessory here * AND I WANT IT NOW.

All the boys like that girl and I hate her.

The boy I like likes that girl and I hate her even more.

Maybe I should try to be MORE LIKE HER! Even if I don’t know what she’s really like and what I’m like, BUT ENOUGH HOW CAN I BE MORE LIKE HER.

I want my school to do a real prom like in * insert title of most recently watched non-horror U.S. teen prom movie here *.


When I go to prom, I’m going to start a She’s All That dance-off with moves I’ve never tried before, but I see them all in my head and there’s the movie, so who cares.

What do you mean, stiletto sandals are hard to walk in?

Monday again.

That boy has such long eyelashes.

Nobody will ever understand me.

His eyelashes are so long.

EVERYONE was so fussed about this party, but it’s actually really boring…and Eyelashes isn’t even here.



More Things People Say to You When You’re a Redhead

There was a time when I naively thought I had listed all the possible comments I could get. I also thought I had caught the main season for getting those reactions. But no! Because there is no season, the fun continues!

Bild von Lorri Lang auf Pixabay

Have you ever thought about dying your eyebrows?


It’s just they are lighter towards the edge.


And it would be a more harmonious transition if you dyed them.

I like them as they are.

Do you ever fill them in? With a pencil?

No (resisting the impulse to add I only use pencils for note-taking, even if I know perfectly well what is meant).

Hey, wow, you’re REALLY fair!

Been there.

Yeah, I wouldn’t have dared to wear that lipstick, but somehow it does work on you, even though I guess it can get tricky, with your coloring?


You should use sunscreen EVERY day.


Does anyone else in your family look like this?


That’s your sister? The one with the dark hair? Your real sister?


Wow, your mother looks so different from you, can’t believe you two are related.


I’d say you’re more a strawberry blonde than a redhead, though.

And I really wouldn’t say anything.

No way, your hair is NOT red. You’re NOT a redhead. You’re, like, NOT ginger.




My Travel

Notes from a Generous Packer

So, what kind of packer are you? My mother has the gift of both packing light and packing neatly. The amount of bags and suitcases she has sensibly filled for family members and friends since her youth would probably fill a book. My father and I, on the other hand, are generous packers, because we try to prepare for various situations. It’s impossible to prepare for them all, but when I’m going away for three whole days…

To paraphrase everyone’s favourite elf only slightly, socks are Dobby’s favourite clothes, Harry Potter. I can’t emphasize this enough. Even if it makes me sound like a granny. After one trip a few years ago (actually, it was a decade, but who’s counting) when I not only packed a bunch of summer dresses for what turned out to be mostly energetic walks through a beautiful village and some woods, but managed to get my two pairs of socks wet in the same day, I always take extra pairs. They don’t need a lot of space and if I won’t end up needing them, then fine. But I won’t wistfully wonder what it would have been like to have enough with me.

Three days, a rainy and chilly European February, one top and cardigan for the day of travel, same combo in different colors for changing, two more combos for the next two days, maybe another top and scarf in case my first travel set doesn’t dry in time after laundry. Yes, I do need a (small) suitcase by now.

Might get a bit warm, maybe pack a few T-shirts in addition to the long-sleeved tops? Maybe some leggings, besides the jeans?

The notebooks, don’t forget the notebooks. So the one for my to-do-lists, my calendar just in case (still like to write things down), the one for my writing ideas, the one for my current writing project, the one for blog scribbles…better take the bigger backpack.

Et voilĂ , I have myself my two pieces of independence-affirming hand luggage.

Maybe add a cross-body bag just in case…