One Windy Morning

The weather forecast promised a stormy weekend, but things seemed to be not quite so bad when I glanced out the window this morning. In a sudden invigorating show of inner strength I ignored the voice in my head telling me to just stay in bed, woman, and ventured outside with my trusty phone camera. This blog has already made it obvious that I am a little crazy about the Alster river in Hamburg, and today I thought I’d better check it out in the post-Autumn season. I’ve also been burning to go on this favourite long walk for about two months now, but it had to be postponed due to an injury.

It was somewhat blustery outside, which ensured the park and paths around the river were mostly empty and I could snap away contentedly. It’s all the more exciting for me to walk  and take pictures somewhere I’ve been many times, as the challenge to display something new increases. As with many other things in life, you just need to take more time and look closer. Anyway, I’m just a happy amateur, telling herself she’s discovering the melancholy beauty of bare branches against a cloudy sky, enhanced by the rustle of dead leaves in the wind etc.

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