What To Wear #57: Skirt Is Red, Blouse Is Blue

“I think you should go with the red. It’s the color of confidence!” Legally Blonde is another quoting staple I frequently refer to.

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To be honest, I think any color you wear is the color of confidence, as long as it’s a color you like, one that plays up and brightens what you feel are your best points and otherwise makes you feel however you want to feel that day. Being a redhead, it took a while for me to find a way around red. Working it in to my wardrobe initially seemed a bit of a challenge, but I kept coming back to the idea, and also some shades of red I’d see either in pictures or on other women repeatedly appealed to me. Another friendly helper along the way was the book How to Be a Redhead by Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti of howtobearedhead.com, in which the sister authors bust the myth about us gingers not being able to indulge in playing with this particular color.

I love how the essential coolness of blue balances against inherent warmth of red. The flared skirt jumped out at me from a rack and wearing it is a pleasure. I’ve mentioned before that I’m still experimenting a bit when it comes to blouses, so this one is meant to be worn with skirts, at least in my case – I’m tall and the blouse is on the shorter side. If I wear it with trousers, I’ll end up tugging on it all the time and defeating the purpose by simply not being myself. For this outfit I simply tuck the blouse in the waistband of the skirt, which sits a little bit higher, adding that feminine 1950s vibe, or at least that’s what I tell myself.

The shoes are very comfortable pumps that make for good walking around the city and don’t make me balance instead of progress. I’ve come to the conclusion that a thicker heal, when wearing higher shoes, does it for me. Rounding off the accessories is one of my favourite necklaces that works both during daytime and as a more dressy companion to an evening outfit. I remember when not so long ago statement necklaces were mentioned everywhere, and suddenly all my usual haunts for buying costume jewelry were full of them. At first I wasn’t interested, but then I was inspired by some gorgeous chokers in a few old movies and a friend’s stylish accessorizing. So voilà. I think I would have still liked this one, though.

Ready to go.

Blouse: C&A

Skirt: C&A

Shoes: Zalando

Jewelry: Bijou Brigitte

What to Wear #56: Boho Wannabe

I’m pretty sure this is a very casual take on boho style, involving only two elements that constitute the boho possibility. But sometimes it’s about quality and not quantity, isn’t it?

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The pink top has proven surprisingly versatile. Despite clearly thin material, I’ve successfully layered it with another top and a scarf in winter and it’s often my go-to choice for a spring vibe in Hamburg’s often very autumn-like weather. “It’s pink!” Knee-jerk quote reaction.

The earrings are from a pre-Christmas shopping event I went to with a friend. There were a lot of individual, eye-catching creations to look at. I was strolling around taking it all in when one particular stall caught my eye. The girl selling the items was wearing a long loose cardigan and some of the most unusual, coolest earrings I’d ever seen. The whole combination looked like just my kind of thing. Upon closer inspection the earrings turned out to be precisely cut strips of leather in various colours, shaped to create layered feathers. Best of all, the price didn’t burst the bank and they were feather-light (score). I love wearing them.

Ready to go.

Top: most likely H&M on sale.

Jeggings: C&A.

Earrings: jonneygold

Ring: basket in a shop in Spain on Costa Brava.



What to Wear #55: Blouse Time

This is not the outfit choice I expected for today, but it’s a little frisch and not quite summer dress weather, so why not.

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The attempt at a bucolic design has had co-workers looking at me closely in the past, probably in an attempt to locate the cute houses or make out the sheep. Who doesn’t like some sheep scattered on a hill? The blouse is very comfortable and it’s fun to spend the day wearing a motif I have yet to see on someone else in my surroundings. The earrings and ring are in keeping with the colour scheme which includes grey jeggings. And since I’m wearing a blouse, why not add these very stable black pumps for full (not too) formal measure.

Might put the pumps on in the office, though, and walk to work in other shoes.

Ready to go.

Blouse: Bonprix.

Jeggings: C&A.

Ring and earrings: I AM or SIX.

Shoes: Tamaris.

What to Wear #54: Jeans and T-Shirt Girl

I am no exception to this combo…which could literally mean anything, considering how varied jeans have become and the multitude of T-shirt types out there.

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I do, however, firmly believe, that the statement “I’m a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl” translates as either “I’m literally just interested in being dressed to go outside in some of the most practical garments invented by mankind” OR “I’m a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl as long as the T-shirt is fitted to my and only my personal preferences, which is so damn hard to achieve and I can’t afford one from The Row, despite agreeing with the importance of perfect fit; the jeans don’t reveal half my butt when I sit down or bend over, and I look carefree, put-together-casual without anyone knowing how long I’ve searched for this T-shirt and these jeans!”

From mermaids to the trusty cheeky Disney Princess T-shirt and a scarf with a subtle gold shimmer that was a family gift. The shimmer means I can go for (not real) gold accessories, so it’s multiple rings once again with one of my favourite sets, and some slightly retro-looking earrings. The shoes are the second part of the recent sneaker haul on sale and I’m very pleased. Suitable strut after quoting my own T-shirt slogan at people guaranteed.

Ready to go.

Shirt: Visual Statements.

Scarf: Accessorize, though I can’t be sure, it was a gift.

Jeans: a bit too worn to be featured here, and I can’t remember where I got them, but they are a classic jeans blue.

Rings: I Am, unless I am (feeble, but still) contradicting myself and they are actually from another brand, which I may or may not have mentioned on this blog.

Earrings: Bijou Brigitte.

Shoes: Deichmann.



What to Wear #53: Once a Mermaid

Well, a hoodie-wearing mermaid popping out of the ocean for a stroll among humans.

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Legs are required for jumping, dancing, strolling along down the…what’s that word again? Street

I simply cannot resist. This whole outfit has taken on a harmonious blue colour scheme, which is fine, oceanic, maritime associations and all that. I just love that dress, it reminds me of the determined dreamer in me and, without fail, what it was like to discover The Little Mermaid as a small child, the deepening fascination with fairytales, stories and stories behind stories. I immediately knew that this was my Disney animated feature, and a few years later, during the part of my childhood I spent in the States, I was very worried indeed that the video (yes) was proving hard to track down. Both the film and video release dates had already passed and I was feeling bereft. When we finally did find a copy, my waiting was rewarded by the fact that the video was inclosed in a bigger plastic casing, which was more durable in eager childish fingers than the thinner cardboard ones.

If The Little Mermaid will follow the current trend of Disney’s live-action remakes of animated classics, I’m expecting a very emotional time. I just googled some of the rumours surrounding casting decisions, and all I have to say is please, God, no…

All this from one dress! The hoodie is also from my recent flea market jaunt in Kiel, and the earrings were bought while waiting for my train home from Düsseldorf. I seem to be experiencing a multiple ring phase.

Ready to go.

Hoodie: flea market in Kiel.

Dress: EMP.

Rings: Bijou Brigitte.

Earrings: SIX.

Shoes: Zalando.

What to Wear #52: Roses and Stripes

Unless they are peonies, not roses, but in any case, they are pretty flowers set against a winningly contrasting background.

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I was visiting the city of Kiel last weekend and it was raining steadily the whole time. Welcome to Norddeutschland! My friend and I were, however, undeterred in pursuing our plans of browsing at the local flea market. Like a child I heard on the street today answering her mother about where she wanted to go with “Da! Wo das Eis ist!” (it is summer, after all), I too had a purpose. I spent several minutes going through clothes at a table overseen by two nice girls who looked like they had a style similar to mine, and apparently I impressed them with something, because they asked me where my “accent” was from and said they thought it was southern German. I was both surprised and amused. That particular accent is very distinctive, after all, and feeds the saying that Bavaria is another country within Germany. Have to think of that Fun with Flags episode on The Big Bang Theory with Amy dressed up as a pretzel and Sheldon wearing Bavarian gear. “Good evening, das YouTube!”

The hooded cotton top found its way to my bag, and it goes well with the dark-teal coloured sleeveless dress that I probably wear once a week. I’m feeling pleased about the comfort level of the combination and a flower pattern always makes me smile. A few well-worn, but still acceptable (not real) silver rings and rose-shaped stud earrings accessorize this Hamburg summer ensemble. The shoes are part of a successful sneaker haul during a recent sale. It’s funny how I used to be averse to the idea of combining sneakers with a dress, but that was before there was so much choice with this particular shoe. Add the combination of the changeable local weather and a bad ankle sprain two years ago that made me question my relationship with heels (I know, such a problem), and I was sold before I realized it.

Ready to go.

Top: flea market in Kiel.

Dress: Zalando.

Rings and earrings: the usual suspects, Bijou Brigitte and SIX.

Shoes: Deichmann.

How to Do Düsseldorf in One Weekend

Düsseldorf routinely pops up in various lists and rankings of European cities to visit, and with good reason. It’s convenient to reach both from Europe and elsewhere, not so large that you feel overwhelmed at choosing what to see and do during a weekend getaway, but by no means lacking in cultural delights and delicious food experiences. Read on!

Key Facts

One of the top ten most populous cities in Germany and the capital of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The famous Rhine river runs through the city also famous for its carnival celebrations in early spring, which pairs suitably with the fact that several established Altbier brands (such as Füchschen, Uerige and Schlüssel) typical to Düsseldorf and the region around it proudly distinguish the city further. Düsseldorf is also home to a large Japanese community. Last but not least, football fans the world over will definitely have something to say about Fortuna Düsseldorf.

Get There

By train – Deutsche Bahn offers many options and it’s a pleasant ride, especially for us northerners any time we venture further down from the peak of the country (pun points for me, as lovely Hamburg is as flat (plattes Land) a city as can be). There’s some nice green scenery to admire on the way and even several hours pass quickly. Düsseldorf Cental Station is busy, but well-planned, and the Presse + Buch shop is definitely worth a visit if you’re also departing by train. One thing to keep in mind during the summer in particular is that you will most likely encounter numerous groups of tipsy or near-intoxicated young men arriving for stag dos/ bachelor party weekends. Most of them are friendly and happy, but still best viewed from a distance.

By plane – Düsseldorf international Airport is a popular transportation hub and very nice to walk around. Airlines flying to and from include Lufthansa, Air Berlin and Eurowings. It’s well-connected to the city center, as well as the Düsseldorf Central Station, and the journey by S-Bahn train doesn’t take long.


Düsseldorf is an internationally popular city with a busy event program year round, as well as a thriving business center. There is no shortage of hotels to choose from based on budget and preferences. Another option is, of course, Airbnb, which was my experience this time and which I thoroughly enjoyed. One example of a good area to stay in, especially if you want to walk a lot to points of interest, is the Friedrichstadt district. Tip: check the trade fair calendar before planning your trip. Messe Düsseldorf is one of the largest exhibition venues in Germany, and accommodation may predictably get snapped up fast around and during events.


To Düsseldorf’s Rheinturm TV tower and explore the surrounding park, watching fellow weekenders doing yoga on the lawn.

To the arresting and Instagram-worthy Neuer Zollhof in the Düsseldorf harbor, with buildings designed by Frank O. Gehry.

To the green, sprawling and lovely Volksgarten park, and run between these clocks in an installation by Klaus Rinke. Alice in Wonderland/ White Rabbit vibes? Yeah, me too. On a weekend morning it’s an oasis of tranquility with many beautiful trees, bridges, shaded corners…and birds of all kinds! Generally a regular sight all over Düsseldorf. Step carefully.

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Of the many museums Düsseldorf has to offer, I visited the NRW Forum, well-known for its exhibitions of modern art. A particular point of excitement which is still relevant as I type this was a virtual reality exhibition with several stations titled Unreal, which had me finding my footing again after an immersive half hour in my massive headset. On the way out I walked through the Myth Tour de France exhibition, which was unexpectedly graphic and made me aware of my naive ignorance around the event. The exhibition was, of course, timed around this year’s start of the Tour de France in Düsseldorf at the end of June- beginning of July.


Time to sit down for a bite! Walking back from the harbor in the general direction of the city center around noon, in good weather you can take your pic of lovely places with tables set outside overlooking the river, and thankfully reasonably priced menus. Again, in the summertime the aforementioned groups of dudes celebrating their groom buddy are omnipresent, so take care to sit at a distance in order to be able to chat and relax amid the beer-fueled table pounding in the background.

I happened on a street lined with Japanese shops and restaurants by accident and it immediately made me nostalgic for Tokyo. In the evening my weary, but happy feet carried me to Hyuga in Klosterstraße, where I indulged in some delicious sushi.

You might hear from some that Düsseldorf is considered stuck-up. Don’t believe it and see for yourself.