Greetings from the Writsomniac! Travel fan, Germany enthusiast, postcard freak, bookworm, observer, moviegoer, opinionated pop culture geek.

All this feeds my writsomnia, the results of which are posted in this blog.

Reading and perusal of all information on Writsomnia occurs of your own free will.

I am not a film, literary, music or any other kind of critic. All posts are entirely opinions of the Writsomniac and are written primarily for enjoyment and entertainment.

Mistakes are avoided to the best of my ability and if discovered, shall be corrected accordingly.

The Writsomniac is the legal copyright holder of all written and visual content on Writsomnia, unless referenced otherwise. None of the content on this website may be used, reprinted, reproduced, published, modified or partially modified without my written consent. If you would like to reference my blog post on your website, kindly do so with a link back.

I, the Writsomniac, reserve the right to change and adjust these terms and conditions whenever I see fit.



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