Raiders of the Lost Ark: 21rst Century

‘Tis the summer for blockbusters…well, any time of the year is good for blockbusters, but summer in particular. Jurassic World has whet my appetite, so when I heard one of our local movie theaters was starting a Summer of Spielberg event, my delight was apparent. So this very hot Sunday afternoon found me watching Raiders of the Lost Ark, after what must be a 15-year break. What leapt to the eye today with the speed of Indy’s whip-cracking:

It’s still one of the best action-adventure movies ever made and it wouldn’t be what it is without Harrison Ford (though one does wonder if Chris Pratt could fill his shoes).

The (still impressive) special effects provoke a reminiscent and affectionate smile, as well as make you laugh. Really, could you keep a straight face (pun?) when seeing this:

The main heroine is a tough, resourceful woman with heart, who is still relatable for today’s viewers. She owned and managed her own bar in rough surroundings, can hold her drink, punch, kick, scream if need be, reacts honestly to a floor teeming with snakes and she lets Indiana know he mistreated her. She’s also willing to put on an ugly dress to try to escape her prison and she ditches those temporary white peep-toes (SO much more sensible to run barefoot in a desert near Kairo, though it’s not fair Indy keeps his shoes, but let’s not abandon the subject to join that particular debate).

Everyone has issues. And they are quotable.

And in-between there’s some memorable iconic humour.



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