Get Your Pitch On

Some more pitchy online fun before movie night with Pitch Perfect 2.

Mashable put together a timely reminder of the many quotable quotes from Pitch Perfect, with some interesting facts and observations included. Personally, my favourite lines are some others (“Dude, no.”) But the article refreshes memories of the movie’s appeal, and makes a good point about the sometimes subtle layers in the characters’ dialogues and personalities that further reveal that pitchy humour.

When you’re done reading that, test your Pitch knowledge with this Buzzfeed quiz. You can still be proud of yourself even if you just happened to re-watch the first movie.

Lots of outfits from Pitch Perfect are translatable to life beyong the big screen, for example all those tops and dresses. Here’s hoping for some style inspiration from the sequel.

Meanwhile, let’s sing along, shall we?



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