My Pitch Perfect Top Five

Pitch Perfect 2 is playing in cinemas and in less than 24 hours I will be reunited with the Barden Bellas. To celebrate (and shorten the wait), I took a fond look back at the first movie. Top five things that make it the snazzy, quotable, relatable fun fest that it is.

1. Anna Kendrick’s character Beca unassumingly, even slightly disdainfully, wows with a rendition of When I’m Gone/ Cups. The song not only sets the tone for what she will come to mean for the Bellas, but Beca’s performance also shows a heroine with an additional big talent she seems unaware of. You start rooting for her.

2. Pitch Perfect shows people being themselves.

3. As well as people with issues.

4. And people with issues still finding themselves.

5. The movie shows how a female friendship can come to life. Unexpectedly, grudgingly, with the twists, stumbles and turns that accompany being thrown together to work for a deadline with simmering conflicts in the background. And suddenly you’re facing a group of people you can actually say, “I love you, awesome nerds” to.



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