What to Wear #54: Jeans and T-Shirt Girl

I am no exception to this combo…which could literally mean anything, considering how varied jeans have become and the multitude of T-shirt types out there.

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I do, however, firmly believe, that the statement “I’m a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl” translates as either “I’m literally just interested in being dressed to go outside in some of the most practical garments invented by mankind” OR “I’m a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl as long as the T-shirt is fitted to my and only my personal preferences, which is so damn hard to achieve and I can’t afford one from The Row, despite agreeing with the importance of perfect fit; the jeans don’t reveal half my butt when I sit down or bend over, and I look carefree, put-together-casual without anyone knowing how long I’ve searched for this T-shirt and these jeans!”

From mermaids to the trusty cheeky Disney Princess T-shirt and a scarf with a subtle gold shimmer that was a family gift. The shimmer means I can go for (not real) gold accessories, so it’s multiple rings once again with one of my favourite sets, and some slightly retro-looking earrings. The shoes are the second part of the recent sneaker haul on sale and I’m very pleased. Suitable strut after quoting my own T-shirt slogan at people guaranteed.

Ready to go.

Shirt: Visual Statements.

Scarf: Accessorize, though I can’t be sure, it was a gift.

Jeans: a bit too worn to be featured here, and I can’t remember where I got them, but they are a classic jeans blue.

Rings: I Am, unless I am (feeble, but still) contradicting myself and they are actually from another brand, which I may or may not have mentioned on this blog.

Earrings: Bijou Brigitte.

Shoes: Deichmann.



What to Wear #53: Once a Mermaid

Well, a hoodie-wearing mermaid popping out of the ocean for a stroll among humans.

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Legs are required for jumping, dancing, strolling along down the…what’s that word again? Street

I simply cannot resist. This whole outfit has taken on a harmonious blue colour scheme, which is fine, oceanic, maritime associations and all that. I just love that dress, it reminds me of the determined dreamer in me and, without fail, what it was like to discover The Little Mermaid as a small child, the deepening fascination with fairytales, stories and stories behind stories. I immediately knew that this was my Disney animated feature, and a few years later, during the part of my childhood I spent in the States, I was very worried indeed that the video (yes) was proving hard to track down. Both the film and video release dates had already passed and I was feeling bereft. When we finally did find a copy, my waiting was rewarded by the fact that the video was inclosed in a bigger plastic casing, which was more durable in eager childish fingers than the thinner cardboard ones.

If The Little Mermaid will follow the current trend of Disney’s live-action remakes of animated classics, I’m expecting a very emotional time. I just googled some of the rumours surrounding casting decisions, and all I have to say is please, God, no…

All this from one dress! The hoodie is also from my recent flea market jaunt in Kiel, and the earrings were bought while waiting for my train home from Düsseldorf. I seem to be experiencing a multiple ring phase.

Ready to go.

Hoodie: flea market in Kiel.

Dress: EMP.

Rings: Bijou Brigitte.

Earrings: SIX.

Shoes: Zalando.

What to Wear #50: Part of Your World

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It’s a little frisch (cool) outside, as they say here, so I once again revert to layers, while not cancelling out summer attire.

I wrote about this Ariel dress on this blog once before. Besides my oft-repeated declarations of love for Disney’s The Little Mermaid

…the dress I found on fan merch haven EMP is very comfortable, flowing easily. It works well both on its own or with a cardigan and thin leggings.

Sparkling light-blue earrings and a pearl ring loosely keep in line with the nautical theme that’s related to the story.

Ready to go.

Dress: EMP.

Cardigan: H&M.

Leggings: C&A.

Earrings: most likely either Bijou Brigitte or SIX.

Ring: basket in a shop in Spain. It fits only my pinky.


What to Wear #46: If It Ain’t Broke

Like with a favourite dish at a restaurant. There are some places I will occasionally go to for lunch, and the thought of trying out something new is tempting at first, but then I see my tried and tested choice on the menu and I happily go for it again.

I liked yesterday’s shirt and maxi skirt combo so much that I decided to go for it again. Feeling like something white, so my trusty “I’m a Disney Princess, That’s Why” T-shirt will have its moment, paired with a dark-red jersey maxi skirt (H&M, very comfortable). A scarf? Mais oui, bien sur!

The purple bracelts are among my favourite costume jewelry pieces that I’ve had for almost nine years, bought on my first ever Christmas vacation in Europe. I found the multi-coloured one somewhere else later, and it went so well with the pack that I just kept them together.

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Ready to go.


What to Wear #38: Because I’m a Disney Princess, That’s Why!

Yes, this is indeed what is printed on one of my favourite T-shirts ever. I found it on Visual Statements and it basically provides an answer to any “Why…?” question people might ask regarding your actions/ tastes/ activities etc. When you get tired of answering yourself, just point to the T-shirt. Accessorizing with one of my favourite scarves (most likely found at C&A) and a pair of earrings that reminds me of summer and a good friend’s wedding.

What to Wear #29: A Dream is a Wish Your Leggings Make

Yes, I know that outfit photos are a traditional part of blog posts about style, but I’m still learning some things before I proceed, so please bear with me and my gifs! I love gifs, though, they convey so much.

It’s been a while since I wore my Cinderella leggings and I can’t let too many days go by without a shot of Disney in my wardrobe choice for the day. The leggings are very colorful, but I’m feeling daring, and after another outfit I wore recently I’m feeling like experimenting with MULTIPLE patterns in one outfit.

Navy-blue flared knee-length skirt (gotta layer) and my striped jersey top with the white background, plus pink and black stripes. The whole combination makes me feel, in my own head only, obviously, like a cross between a circus performer or medieval jester (because of the triangular stained glass windown pattern on the leggings, go figure), and an adventurous sailor about to embark on a voyage aboard a vessel from the 19th century (because of the stripes on the top, mais oui). I half expect something to happen when I put on the outfit – either I will find myself performing head-spinning acrobatic feats in a Cirque du Soleil performance, or swinging from a rope between masts as Jack Sparrow asks me if I know where the rum is hidden.

What to Wear #25

Watch and you’ll see

Someday I’ll be

Part of your world

Do I have to explain myself? No, surely not.

Oh, Ariel, I get it. (Sometimes) I also want to be where the people are, and even though I’m actually part of the world you wanted to be in, and then later joined, I wouldn’t mind a glimpse of the one you used to inhabit, and it might be possible to do that today on a very small level…only someone who grew up watching copious amounts of Disney animation would have written such a paragraph.

I am so excited about today’s outfit. The Little Mermaid is, hands down, my favourite (animated) Disney film. Yes, I know I’ve expressed and most likely will express a ton more opinions about the recent live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, and it subsequently ignited fresh thoughts about the animated original – I have a big heart. There is room for everyone.

But the story of the mermaid is very dear to me and sharing this information feels very personal.

The online shop where I found my Marauder’s Map dress on sale turned out to have a whole section with merchandise themed around The Little Mermaid. As mentioned in this blog before, I sometimes find myself returning to what I constantly wore as a child, but adjusted for adults, and able to pay for it on my own.

In this case the find was a loosely fitted sleeveless empire-waist black dress with subtle inserts of blue spreading through the black, and a print of Ariel sitting on her rock and gazing (most likely dreamily or wistfully) at the night sky. Dark-red leggings and a dark-blue denim shirt surf the wave, as well as a gold (still suitable for daytime) cocktail ring with a green-blue-more-turquoise stone and gold stud earrings with starfish-shaped light-blue flowers.

I don’t know when

I don’t know how

But I know something’s starting right now