20up Bar

Spring weather has finally reached Hamburg, though not without the occasional rain shower. Plans to relax in one of the beach bars in the harbour were put on hold due to the beach bar of choice being closed that day, but then my friend suggested going to the 20up Bar.

As is to be guessed from the name, the bar is located on the 20th floor of the Empire Riverside Hotel in Hamburg. We found ourselves to be the first in line as the doors opened, and that was a good thing, because 20up is very popular and fills up quickly. Booking in advance is recommended closer to the weekend. The staff comes up to you after you pick a table and takes your order, then you’re asked to pay after being served. Card payments are accepted starting from 25 euros, so have cash on hand if you don’t plan on spending more.

Opened in 2008, the bar’s 20-meter long counter faces a wall made up entirely of tall windows that open up to an expectantly breathtaking, unblocked view of the harbour and the Elbe river. Picture-taking enthusiasm guaranteed.


My liking of bars with a view has been reignited since the visit to the Radisson Blu Plaza Skybar in Oslo. There’s just something about looking at the world from above with a drink in your hand (non-alcoholic Jolly Roger cocktail for me) that makes going out feel like an occasion, whatever the day, and it’s also oh-so-slightly decadent. Cheers!




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