Five Things That Make One Feel Exposed

Being halfway to work and realizing you left your phone at home. Wanting to go back and get it but knowing you’ll be late otherwise. Wondering how you’ll coordinate getting to tonight’s spontaneous get-together at that new cafe. Forgetting things like email. Feeling so alone. I forgot my phone, alright?!

Your longer socks sliding down from underneath your pant legs. While you’re trying to walk through the city like a put-together human being. All the pulling up in the world won’t help.

People with time on their hands who want to tell you their life story and who don’t see that your hands don’t have time on them.

Hearing questions like, don’t you want to be doing something else for a living?/ you really think this city is cool?/ do you know (insert any male or female name from the country you’re from if you’re a foreigner). Get me out of here.

Suggestions at a flea market stall that you try on a skirt or trousers right then and there, and you know that asking, “Uh, do you have a changing room, or something?” is not a valid option, based on preliminary scanning of the perimeter. Oh, well. We’re all just doing the best we can.



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