Urban Scenes That Bring Out Sarcasm

Dudes (because obviously they are duuudes, not guys, not men and certainly not proper drivers) with slicked down hair, in v-necked T-shirts, who roar down the road in a Cabrio, with the music volume turned up to qualify as blastin’.

People who insist on screaming explosively at someone else in the street for something the other person did not do.

Teenagers walking around town with speakers attached to their players/iPods/ I don’t know. Aw. I didn’t think this still existed in this century. Cute that it got updated.

An older drunk man I once saw at a bus stop, staring sullenly at passing women and audibly spitting out, “Slut!”

Misspelled name cards on booked restaurant tables (but more a shake of the head and maybe just a sarcastic smile).



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