Heel! To toe

Once upon a time there might have been a girl who found some pumps that were just what she was looking for. She liked the click-clack of heels on a polished floor. Even if she was the only one making the noise on a subway platform in the early morning amongst sleepy commuters in flat shoes. After three successful promenades she discovered those particular pumps were available on sale and in different colours. So she bought some more shoes.

The above mentioned successful promenades had been short, however. After embarking on a longer walk, it was quickly obvious that practice was necessary. The mental pictures of strutting through the urban jungle translated neither to feet nor the limbs they were attached to. To be honest, she couldn’t walk in any of the shoes shown in the tutorial below and there’s a limit to her heel height. But it’s a very comprehensible video and the main rules are easy to remember:

Gel insoles for different parts of the shoe are a handy thing to have around. In fact, it’s practical to just stick them on the inside of your heels and keep them there.

A bright idea occurred when looking at all those shoes: what if the heel were shorter? And is it actually possible to make it shorter? A quick search online yielded results that showed many women were musing on the same subject. Answers on numerous forums seemed to split in to two groups. Group one: Sure, take a saw and go for it. Group two: Find a cobbler and ask him. Like the author in this earlier post on youlookfab.

Chances are the heel cannot be shortened, in which case there’s still the Youtube tutorial, or a swap with a friend who has the same shoe size and tastes.

Or you can just line them all up, stare at them and tell yourself they are decorating your apartment.


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