What to Wear #10

What is it this week! It must be all this (in Hamburg always seemingly sudden) sunlight. It is warm enough to wear these:

I’ve never before worn such shoes, because I’m actually not a peep-toe fan and I’m also cautious with heels. But these were different from anything I’d ever tried before, I liked the lace-up idea, and once I tried them on, all my doubts disappeared. They are very comfortable to stand in and walk around in, balancing is fine, and while the heel does thin out towards the bottom, the extra layer on the sole in the front part of the shoe makes for secure footing. I’m hoping for successful navigation of both pavement and cobblestone surfaces – this will be the first time I wear these buddies. Hopefully I will not pull a Gracie Hart from Miss Congeniality while doing so.

Jeggings and a loose pale rose top are in tune with the tone (in tune with the tone, in tune with the tone, da da daaa) of the shoes and will make me feel more relaxed, since walking in heels still requires some concentration for me, however comfortable they are. I’ll add a slightly more solid note to this gentle color scheme with a necklace that had been in the family for a long time – my mother gave it to me and I think of her when I look at it, in addition to remembering her stories about the jasper the almost trapeze-shaped pendant is made from. The pale rose and dark red in the stone pick up on the tones in the rest of my outfit and the dark silver chain is the bit of contrast I had been looking for – my usual game.



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