Some YouTube Laughs

If I need a laugh, these are some of my favourite selections on YouTube (and once I discover something that clicks with me, it is absolutely not difficult for me to watch it over, and over, and over again. And then one more time).

The already mentioned in this blog and always brilliant Lindsey Stirling posted this video a while ago about… dressing up as bees for Halloween. It’s cute AND funny. Nothing like grown-ups having fun in Disneyland. Plus Lindsey’s editing skills and presence in front of the camera.

Scottish comedian Danny Bhoy starts off with a comment on something else and then gets to the segment that cracks me up every time. It’s scarily accurate and ridiculously hilarious in its imitation of drunk women exiting a bar. I also think I could answer one of his questions.

Continuing on the alcohol theme, this golden oldie from very naughty and very talented Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis also successfully depicts the embarassing aspects of being drunk.

And finally, while this takes place in a bar and also includes drinks, it’s a very witty and elegantly acted scene from Criminal Minds, the kind of thing you’d like to see happen in real life.






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