I Love a Print Dress Because…

It’s an immediate mood booster. Prints are fun and an easy way to add pep to an outfit choice, especially with a dress – slip it over your head and you’re done.

You can wear them both in the summer and in colder weather. Add a cardigan that picks up on one of the colours of your print (black and navy blue also work in most cases), some tights or leggings and voilà – no additional shopping required.

If you’re not sure about accessories, the aforementioned matching up or successfully contrasting with one of the colours of your print is a good solution, or simply stick with some minimalist earrings – the dress will do the rest.

So say yes to the dress and check out the styling example in this friendly video by one of ASOS’ stylists:

Or in this slightly older, but still current video by The (also good tips if you’re wearing the dress on a night out):



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