AquaDom: World’s Largest Free-Standing Aquarium

I recently posted about surfing in Munich Airport. It turns out there is another attention-grabbing water attraction in Germany that is built in to an urban space you might not think of immediately. Or rather, you might not think of building something shaped like a cylinder in the middle of a hotel. At first.

But here you go – presenting the AquaDom in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin. 1,500 tropical fish swim around a cylinder containing 1 million litres of seawater, oblivious to being surrounded by a city. Some 100 rooms face the aquarium, according to the hotel, so you can literally spend an evening in Berlin gazing at Finding Nemo come to life. Proudly said to be “the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium”, the AquaDom is 25 meters high. It also has a built-in two-storey glass elevator. Now I’m not sure about going in there, but having this view from your room balcony is one interesting experience:



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