Imagine Dragons: Music Outside of Genres

Imagine Dragons is one of my favourite bands. Why? Partly for the same reasons as for many other listeners, though with a personal tinge. There is a honesty and clarity to their lyrics that is immediately felt, combined with just some really good music (all I can say, not being a music critic, but I’m saying it with such a lot of feeling).

It’s time to begin, isn’t it

I get a little bit bigger, but then I admit

I’m just the same as I was

Now don’t you understand

That I’m never changing who I am

Imagine Dragons. It’s Time

It’s also extremely refreshing to see a hard-working band touring and making music without dubious headlines accompanying them in the media or friendships with weird celebrities. These are 100% committed artists who project both humbleness and gratitude, not to mention mesmerizing talent.

Oh, and I like that they just don’t disclose what the band name means.

It’s still some weeks to go until I see them live, but being swept with memories from their last show, and to fill the time I went on YouTube. There I found this gem of an interview where they talk about their latest album, Smoke and Mirrors. The album is, as has often been mentioned, a departure from its predecessor, Night Visions, both musically and story-wise. It’s intriguing, bold and multifaceted – I’m taking longer to process the songs. But that same honesty and clarity are there.

In the interview the band also makes an excellent point that gets me excited as a fan, and also oddly relaxed. Vocalist Dan Reynolds says whatever genre listeners attribute to the music is fine with them, although they prefer to be seen as genre-less. But they are filled up by music and making it, and it is open to interpretation in all sorts of ways. Lacing up songs with a certain genre is a thing of the past, and I coudln’t agree more; though the freedom of conforming to one specific style also exists. Basically, there is room for everyone and everything.

“Whatever it is, we’re just creating music we like, music that inspires us”, says Reynolds. I want to hang out with them.

Here’s the interview:


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