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Thoughts in a Large Airport

  1. This place is so HUGE and I’m just one small person in the shuffle of life.
  2. If you are just looking for one seat to rest your weary bones and don’t want to be bothered by neighbors, but there are no seats with other empty seats on both sides of the…seats, search for seats next to people with headphones on. Hopefully they have the same goal as you do.
  3. Despite encouraging advertisements to the contrary, why is there seemingly no WiFi?
  4. Walking back and forth between gates is not pathetic. It’s exercise! You might also notice something you did not notice before or decide you do want that muffin.
  5. Buy that magazine.
  6. Why is there no WiFi? This should be verboten.
  7. Boys can spend incalculable amounts of time watching planes land and take off. They don’t care about the WiFi.
  8. Maybe I should look up from my phone and watch those planes, or notice just how much light there is in this airport, or that it is clearly an example of a lot of architectural thought. Heck, who needs WiFi.
  9. Will I end up like Tom Hanks in The Terminal?
  10. I can see the pilot in the cockpit from here. I wonder if he’ll wave back to me?

Bon voyage.




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