What To Wear #63: I Feel Teal

There are two things I look forward to in the mornings, two simple pleasures: breakfast and putting on a favorite dress. This is one of those mornings – score!

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This dress has been one of my happiest buys to date – it’s long and comfortable, figure-hugging without being clingy and the jersey it’s made from is perfect for hot weather as well. There’s a length of string to knot around the waist however you like, and the sparkling beading across the chest lends a playful note to an intense color.

Teal works well with browns and golds, especially since this dress has embroidery on it exactly in those colors. The dangling earrings are some of my favorite as well, with the multi-colored sphere at the bottom livening up the long loop, and the rings both pick up on both the dress’ hue and go in line with the golds.

Ready to go.

Dress: C&A

Jewelry: I Am and SIX


What to Wear #30: A Spring in My Step

We just can’t stop talking about the weather, can we? It’s always there. It is once again a bit chilly, but it’s still spring, so how do I wear my spring clothes without getting cold? The answer is magic in its simplicity: those trusty layers! You layer and you search for a way to cover up your cold spots without feeling like you’re dressed for winter in Siberia (been there, done that).

The first item that pops in to my mind are my denim shorts, stopping just short of my knee and still suitably non-frayed for work. Next I take out some dark teal tights – I’ve seen this combo on quite a few musical YouTubers I follow and ended up liking it myself. You’re wearing shorts without being cold, and it’s a great way to add some color to your outfit.

One of my favorite plaid shirts joins the ensemble, along with a lighter teal sleeveless shirt. Red rosebud earrings and a lipgloss with a hint of brick red take care of the details, and heeled black ankle boots will whisk me off on my city walk.