What to Wear #39: Roses

Not actual roses, though that would be cool, but I woke up with roses in my head and I have previously mentioned on this blog the special meaning that they hold for me. It’s going to be another warm day, so a sleeveless outfit is the desired choice, but with evening weather changes possible, black leggings will join this slightly shorter dress, and some beaded green earrings picking up on the tone of the leaves on the dress. I find tones of green work with most flower-patterned items. You know, flowers, leaves, nature, green etc.

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What to Wear #20

All this Beauty and the Beast viewing has me hankering after red roses again, so I’ll put on this white sweatshirt with red roses. I got it in H&M (many will probably know which one I’m talking about) for 5 euros during a lovely weekend in Utrecht, a charming town I hope to come back to again.

Surprise, surprise, it’s still chilly, so I shall once again work with layers. A long black tank top goes underneath the sweatshirt – it extends from underneath it and adds proportion to the rest of the outfit, as the sweatshirt is a bit on the shorter side. I’m still inspired by the I’m-a-flower-green-bottoms-as-a-hypthetical-stem idea from yesterday, so not-quite-olive-green leggings join the crew. The black leg-warmers (yeah, I’ve kind of become a fan) compliment the black top and add the laid-back vibe I was also going for with this outfit. It is chillier, but it’s still too warm for boots, but I don’t want chilled ankles.

Red and green are another color combination I enjoy experimenting with, because this presents one constant challenge: not to end up looking like a Christmas tree when it’s not Christmas.

Not that I’m going to see Beauty and the Beast for the fourth time, or anything.