What to Wear #43: I Pleat Guilty

Geddit, geddit? This was incredibly easy to put together. The skirt is one of my favourites and I wore it as recently as last week (but not twice in the same week – another one of my thou shalt nots). I just didn’t write about it additionally as the weather forecast was uncertain and I was still deciding what to pair with the top part of the outfit. I also wore it for my first ever style post I took pictures for.

The skirt’s shimmering cherry red works well with pastel colours, as well as blues and greys, all of which are found on the T-shirt I picked. It’s one of my favourite T-shirts, because I like lanterns and the buildings in the background remind me of Paris. Continuing to ride the emotional ballet-inspired wave from yesterday’s lengthy post about my red shoes, I picked the same pair…in black!

Bangles and sass join the accessories team and my continued love of weak pun attempts… though maybe the quieter tones in some parts of this outfit don’t qualify as sassy? I think they do! There’s room for different kinds of sass. The lipgloss has been mentioned previously on this blog and obviously it is running out, which is good, because I like using things up properly.

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What to Wear #32: Roses Are Red

Yes, sometimes they are, but there are also many other colours. The ones accompanying my outfit today are white and grey, against a black background.

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The way my outfit ideas take shape, aside from the influence of practical considerations like the weather or my schedule, is usually either triggered by entertainment consumed within the last weeks or the desire to wear one particular item, and then the rest pops up around it. In this case, the one particular item were the rose-and-generally-flower-patterned tights from Calzedonia, which I got on sale during a memorable winter break in Verona – another city that won my heart.

Roses do have a special meaning for me. When I was younger, my grandmother, who lived in another city, sent me letters. One of them stands out in my memory. Her eyesight was gradually failing, and as I pulled her letter out of the envelope, I could see that her handwriting was a little different. But the whole letter was written in green ink, and at the end of it was a small drawing with the caption, “These are the roses that grow on my balcony.” The flowerpot was also drawn in green, and on top of the stems poking out from it were bright red pops of colour. These flowers might not have been roses, but my grandmother could see them, and my grandfather, who has the greenest thumb in the whole family, lovingly tended to them year after year. I kept that letter, and ever since, without fail, whenever I see red roses, I think of my grandmother.

The cherry red finely pleated skirt compliments the femininity of the tights, while being individual enough itself. Since I have this pop of colour in the middle of the outfit, I opt for black on top – the short black cardigan I thought lost had simply slipped further back in my closet, and I pair it with a sleeveless black shirt. Velvety black ankle boots since I’m feeling slightly chic, a slender silver chain with a sparkly pendant, silver stud earrings and one of my favourite lipsticks rounds up the accessories for this suit of armour.

What to Wear #2

Skirt weather, finally! The dark red pleated skirt, or jupe plissée (I did not look that up. And I knew where the accent went. And that there was one. And that it was l’accent aigu. Of course I did, who’s learning French here?!) It is nice to remember that I got it at a sale every time I look at it. I should just shop during sales when I shop for clothes. It simply makes sense. Or wear lots of stuff out first and then shop. That also makes sense.

The skirt shimmers a little when it catches the light, so the top should be matte. That thin short white sweater? No, too white against this dark red, I feel disbalanced. Although it goes very well with the swirling navy blue maxi skirt, wore that outfit to see Swan Lake last year. Can’t beat classical Russian ballet. The short black cardigan and the black shirt? No, I don’t feel like black. It’s not Wednesday and my last name is not Addams. Even if it matches everything. Ah, the short blush pink/old rose/ with beige undertones cardigan and the blush pink/old rose/ no beige undertones sleeveless top.

OK, tights. Ooops, no black pair on hand, even though I’m not going to wear one, grey it is. Should work. Black heeled ankle boots? It’s different with shoes in terms of black, obviously. I’ve got that meeting today and then the dinner in the evening, so more back and forth, but the boots are comfortable. The stud flower earrings match the outfit color palette and the little (fake) rhinestones will add that bit of sparkle for the evening hours. I think the skirt is bright enough to be the only pop of color in this ensemble.

So is Emma Swan Odette or not?