What to Wear #37: Mischief Managed

I do own clothes to wear them repeatedly, not just once, hence today’s choice is the Marauder’s Map dress I have already had the pleasure of mentioning on this blog. I’m not sure if I’m up to no good, but then I’ll know for sure only when I put on the dress.

It’s a comfortable fit and provides built-in reading entertainment should it be too crowded on the bus to take my book out of my bag. I have yet to locate Harry. Map-wiping for two different looks is not included yet, but I’m sure someone’s working on it. Then again, I don’t have a wand, but maybe a non-verbal spell would work.

The dress laces up in the back, so it’s better to get that set before you put it on, making sure that the dress both fits well and you can still out it on/ take it off without having to undo your hard work with the strings.

Knee-length black leggings will join the ensemble for that ever-present possibility of a strong breeze in the lovely city of Hamburg, as well as these earrings I grabbed on sale a couple of months ago (most like in SIX or one of the usual suspects), a ring that reminds me of my visit to Harry Potter: The Exhibition in Paris and a dab of lipgloss. Ready to geek! I mean, ready to go.

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What to Wear #13

Let’s go to town! Let the geek flag fly! I’m sorry, did I say geek? I meant my own flag.

The Marauder’s Map dress has been waiting for its hour. Hallelujah, it was hopelessly expensive for a long time, then there was a sale and I could treat myself. It is just such a cool pattern and the books have been an incredibly significant part of my existence, that wearing some well-made fan merch like this feels like an honour. The movies did a good job of representing one of the most famous pieces of parchment in literary history, and it is precisely the cinematic depiction of the Map that inspired the pattern on my dress. “I solemnly swear…”

I do have Marauder’s Map leggings as well (who me, crazy, nah, just dedicated), luckily grabbed during a big sale, but wearing them with the dress might be a tad much, although basically dressing up as the Map for next Halloween is not a bad idea! Sorted. So organized. This time black leggings will go with the knee-length dress, as it might get a bit chillier during the day. The black picks up on the inking of the map and the modest lace edging.

The dress has capped sleeves, so a short black cardigan is my additional choice of top. It might still have a few more wears left before it shrinks in the wash and only fits a sock puppet – why, why do these things have to happen?

Correction: I don’t have said black cardigan anymore! The abovementioned fate must have found it already, and I must have donated it. But that’s OK, I have a brick-red cardigan in the same style that also suits the dress. One is not spoiled, after all.

Dangly gold earrings with one round bit of dark-green jade each provide the little pop of colour I want to go for, and the I-guess-dark-old-rose-pink lipstick rounds off the look. The shade is called BFF. No idea what the color has to do with my BFF, but the lipstick looks nice.

“Mischief managed!”