What To Wear #58: Another Summer Day In Hamburg…

…means layers and longer sleeves once again.

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The weather report was fairly optimistic, but a glance out the window proves that nature might not have made up its mind just yet. Sticking my head out sends me scurrying back to find a scarf, because the cool breeze that is no stranger to these parts has made itself known.

This dress arrived in my closet during an acute phase of wanting to try out new prints and cuts, and I have not been disappointed with my choice. If I’m completely honest, the dress does look a bit better if one has been exercising more regularly a few weeks before, but then it’s made from a nice, stretchy jersey, so why beat yourself up? The splotchy, graphic print is eye-catching, while the black and white makes the dress both acceptable for a dresscode-free workplace and good for a multitude of combinations in terms of accessories and other colors.

It also makes me fantasize about working in an art gallery or heading an event management agency. There she goes, visible artsy streak with a touch of flamboyance, but decidedly German as soon as she opens her appointment book (she’s got a hankering for retro as well, no smartphone calendars here)…I’m sorry, am I talking about myself too much? Of course I am!

My one rule if including a scarf is to pick either one without a pattern or a very subtle one. Today’s choice is one of my favourite scarves and also a go-to combination with darker colors, as the brightness of the scarf both stands out winningly against the darker color and tempers its possible severity. The shoes have been featured here before – once again the comfort of a thicker heel is confirmed, and this is another shoe color that goes well with a lot of combinations.

Ready to go.

Dress: Asos

Scarf: probably C&A, though I can’t be sure

Shoes: Deichmann

Hoops: Claire’s



What to Wear #52: Roses and Stripes

Unless they are peonies, not roses, but in any case, they are pretty flowers set against a winningly contrasting background.

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I was visiting the city of Kiel last weekend and it was raining steadily the whole time. Welcome to Norddeutschland! My friend and I were, however, undeterred in pursuing our plans of browsing at the local flea market. Like a child I heard on the street today answering her mother about where she wanted to go with “Da! Wo das Eis ist!” (it is summer, after all), I too had a purpose. I spent several minutes going through clothes at a table overseen by two nice girls who looked like they had a style similar to mine, and apparently I impressed them with something, because they asked me where my “accent” was from and said they thought it was southern German. I was both surprised and amused. That particular accent is very distinctive, after all, and feeds the saying that Bavaria is another country within Germany. Have to think of that Fun with Flags episode on The Big Bang Theory with Amy dressed up as a pretzel and Sheldon wearing Bavarian gear. “Good evening, das YouTube!”

The hooded cotton top found its way to my bag, and it goes well with the dark-teal coloured sleeveless dress that I probably wear once a week. I’m feeling pleased about the comfort level of the combination and a flower pattern always makes me smile. A few well-worn, but still acceptable (not real) silver rings and rose-shaped stud earrings accessorize this Hamburg summer ensemble. The shoes are part of a successful sneaker haul during a recent sale. It’s funny how I used to be averse to the idea of combining sneakers with a dress, but that was before there was so much choice with this particular shoe. Add the combination of the changeable local weather and a bad ankle sprain two years ago that made me question my relationship with heels (I know, such a problem), and I was sold before I realized it.

Ready to go.

Top: flea market in Kiel.

Dress: Zalando.

Rings and earrings: the usual suspects, Bijou Brigitte and SIX.

Shoes: Deichmann.

What to Wear #44: We All Have Layers

It’s summer in Hamburg, which means that clothes-wise you’re keeping everything except official winter wear within easy reach. Temperatures change at the drop of a hat, winds pick up just as you decide on a flared skirt and rain clouds regularly wring themselves out when passing over this wonderful city.

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Things I don’t put away include scarves – the one accessory you can always find a use for here and most likely why I don’t wear necklaces too often. Even before I start rummaging for it, I know the one I’m looking for. I had scooped it out of a pile at a flea market seven years ago and it has served me many a time, both during the day and at parties. It’s a fond reminder of my (poorer) student days, when most of the clothes shopping I did, if any, took place at flea markets. It’s also pleasant proof of the satisfaction that comes from items that last.

The dress is from the same flea market visit, one I picked up immediately knowing it would fit me without trying it on. Thankfully, it still does!

It’s summer, so I still feel the pull to inject something I associate with it in the outfit. It’s only logical that I go for thin green leggings that reinforce the my-legs-are-the-stem-and-my-top-is-the-flower idea, mais oui. Although the accessories made me think of ocean-themed fantasy and colors, so maybe I’m just a mermaid hinting at my big secret by not being able to resist anything that reminds me of it.

Either way, I’m comfortable and ready to go.

What to Wear #27: Black and White…

“…look alright.” That’s a quote from a cartoon called Muzzy in Gondoland, which I saw as a small child. Some lines from it are stuck with me forever and lend themselves very well to various style situations. Actually, most, if not all of those lines come from a song one of the main characters, Princess Sylvia is singing as she prances about her castle choosing dresses. Mais oui! The fact that I adored Muzzy is the reason why even as an adult I still sing “I’VE GOT A YELLOW DRESS/ YELLOW IS FOR HAPPINESS” (another line from Sylvia’s song) at the top of my lungs when I pull out my yellow dress.

Yeah, I’m still basically just a weird kid. But we’re not talking about yellow, are we? We’re talking about black and white…and grey! Because only two colors is too little to work with for me, at least today.

I had thrown something casual together over the weekend and my sibling said in passing that it all matched. Coincidentally, the matching colors were black and white. The compliment stayed with me and cycled around my head, resulting in the following choices. I’m also meeting a dear friend I haven’t seen in a long time, so I want to look nice – she is naturally good at dressing tastefully and I always enjoy seeing her outfits, as well as the sparkle in her eye.

The knee-length sleeveless black jersey dress can be worn with literally almost anything, it can be dressed down, up, layered with other items in the winter, worn with a light scarf over the summer – yes, Coco, you were right. Though I wouldn’t characterize it as an LBD, because being tall, I don’t have anything little, but Coco’s wisdom is universal. The grey leggings are comfortable and of a nice stone grey which I like. The short white cardigan prevents the outfit from feeling or looking a tad severe, and the black and white scarf I mentioned once on this blog picks up on all the colors in the outfit, as well as providing the touch of whimsy I usually crave. Black heeled ankle boots will help me get from A to B.

I do enjoy my pop of color, so dangly earrings with a bright green stone (no, not jade, but something nice and semi-precious) in the ears and an intriguing lipstick from The Body Shop in the shade Colour Crush (warm, pinkish red tone) on the lips. The lipstick also has a little bit of glitter in it – bonus!

What to Wear #16

It’s chilly! Spring is still here, everything is blooming, the sun occasionally shines, but temperatures have dropped once again, even if they are the ones we were wishing for back in cold, windy February. But it is actually too chilly for lighter dresses.

Life’s great challenges. Well, let’s do what usually works in this changeable local climate – layers! And a bit more coverage.

I’ve swallowed The Waterfire Saga by Jennifer Donnelly last week, and since then ocean-inspired blues and greens are swirling around my mind.

I feel like putting on the dark-green-not-quite-dark-green long-sleeved jersey dress – it’s comfortable for the longer day ahead of me. Black leggings will join it, as well as the thin multicolored cardigan that picks up the tone of the dress.

Starfish-shaped stud earrings in pale pink complete the look and include that bit of mermaid inspiration I’ve been feeling. Up and at ’em.

(Secretly, I’m just waiting for the day to end so I can go out and do this:)