What to Wear #38: Because I’m a Disney Princess, That’s Why!

Yes, this is indeed what is printed on one of my favourite T-shirts ever. I found it on Visual Statements and it basically provides an answer to any “Why…?” question people might ask regarding your actions/ tastes/ activities etc. When you get tired of answering yourself, just point to the T-shirt. Accessorizing with one of my favourite scarves (most likely found at C&A) and a pair of earrings that reminds me of summer and a good friend’s wedding.


What to Wear #37: Mischief Managed

I do own clothes to wear them repeatedly, not just once, hence today’s choice is the Marauder’s Map dress I have already had the pleasure of mentioning on this blog. I’m not sure if I’m up to no good, but then I’ll know for sure only when I put on the dress.

It’s a comfortable fit and provides built-in reading entertainment should it be too crowded on the bus to take my book out of my bag. I have yet to locate Harry. Map-wiping for two different looks is not included yet, but I’m sure someone’s working on it. Then again, I don’t have a wand, but maybe a non-verbal spell would work.

The dress laces up in the back, so it’s better to get that set before you put it on, making sure that the dress both fits well and you can still out it on/ take it off without having to undo your hard work with the strings.

Knee-length black leggings will join the ensemble for that ever-present possibility of a strong breeze in the lovely city of Hamburg, as well as these earrings I grabbed on sale a couple of months ago (most like in SIX or one of the usual suspects), a ring that reminds me of my visit to Harry Potter: The Exhibition in Paris and a dab of lipgloss. Ready to geek! I mean, ready to go.

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What to Wear #29: A Dream is a Wish Your Leggings Make

Yes, I know that outfit photos are a traditional part of blog posts about style, but I’m still learning some things before I proceed, so please bear with me and my gifs! I love gifs, though, they convey so much.

It’s been a while since I wore my Cinderella leggings and I can’t let too many days go by without a shot of Disney in my wardrobe choice for the day. The leggings are very colorful, but I’m feeling daring, and after another outfit I wore recently I’m feeling like experimenting with MULTIPLE patterns in one outfit.

Navy-blue flared knee-length skirt (gotta layer) and my striped jersey top with the white background, plus pink and black stripes. The whole combination makes me feel, in my own head only, obviously, like a cross between a circus performer or medieval jester (because of the triangular stained glass windown pattern on the leggings, go figure), and an adventurous sailor about to embark on a voyage aboard a vessel from the 19th century (because of the stripes on the top, mais oui). I half expect something to happen when I put on the outfit – either I will find myself performing head-spinning acrobatic feats in a Cirque du Soleil performance, or swinging from a rope between masts as Jack Sparrow asks me if I know where the rum is hidden.

What to Wear #25

Watch and you’ll see

Someday I’ll be

Part of your world

Do I have to explain myself? No, surely not.

Oh, Ariel, I get it. (Sometimes) I also want to be where the people are, and even though I’m actually part of the world you wanted to be in, and then later joined, I wouldn’t mind a glimpse of the one you used to inhabit, and it might be possible to do that today on a very small level…only someone who grew up watching copious amounts of Disney animation would have written such a paragraph.

I am so excited about today’s outfit. The Little Mermaid is, hands down, my favourite (animated) Disney film. Yes, I know I’ve expressed and most likely will express a ton more opinions about the recent live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, and it subsequently ignited fresh thoughts about the animated original – I have a big heart. There is room for everyone.

But the story of the mermaid is very dear to me and sharing this information feels very personal.

The online shop where I found my Marauder’s Map dress on sale turned out to have a whole section with merchandise themed around The Little Mermaid. As mentioned in this blog before, I sometimes find myself returning to what I constantly wore as a child, but adjusted for adults, and able to pay for it on my own.

In this case the find was a loosely fitted sleeveless empire-waist black dress with subtle inserts of blue spreading through the black, and a print of Ariel sitting on her rock and gazing (most likely dreamily or wistfully) at the night sky. Dark-red leggings and a dark-blue denim shirt surf the wave, as well as a gold (still suitable for daytime) cocktail ring with a green-blue-more-turquoise stone and gold stud earrings with starfish-shaped light-blue flowers.

I don’t know when

I don’t know how

But I know something’s starting right now


What to Wear #13

Let’s go to town! Let the geek flag fly! I’m sorry, did I say geek? I meant my own flag.

The Marauder’s Map dress has been waiting for its hour. Hallelujah, it was hopelessly expensive for a long time, then there was a sale and I could treat myself. It is just such a cool pattern and the books have been an incredibly significant part of my existence, that wearing some well-made fan merch like this feels like an honour. The movies did a good job of representing one of the most famous pieces of parchment in literary history, and it is precisely the cinematic depiction of the Map that inspired the pattern on my dress. “I solemnly swear…”

I do have Marauder’s Map leggings as well (who me, crazy, nah, just dedicated), luckily grabbed during a big sale, but wearing them with the dress might be a tad much, although basically dressing up as the Map for next Halloween is not a bad idea! Sorted. So organized. This time black leggings will go with the knee-length dress, as it might get a bit chillier during the day. The black picks up on the inking of the map and the modest lace edging.

The dress has capped sleeves, so a short black cardigan is my additional choice of top. It might still have a few more wears left before it shrinks in the wash and only fits a sock puppet – why, why do these things have to happen?

Correction: I don’t have said black cardigan anymore! The abovementioned fate must have found it already, and I must have donated it. But that’s OK, I have a brick-red cardigan in the same style that also suits the dress. One is not spoiled, after all.

Dangly gold earrings with one round bit of dark-green jade each provide the little pop of colour I want to go for, and the I-guess-dark-old-rose-pink lipstick rounds off the look. The shade is called BFF. No idea what the color has to do with my BFF, but the lipstick looks nice.

“Mischief managed!”




What to Wear #8

Bottoms once again pop up first. I sort of promised some friends I’d wear these to work since the weather is finally warm enough and it’s been a while. Disney’s animated Cinderella leggings, yet another story about shoes, I’m sensing a theme here. Unfortunately, these particular leggings are sold out, so I’m glad I grabbed them during that sale, but you can see what they look like here. And the description is really sweet. Can’t finish this paragraph without a gif.

The harlequin or echoing-the-castle-windows in the film pattern of the leggings goes very well with a fitted dark-blue knee-length denim dress (love denim), and the variety of colors makes for options when choosing accessories. I’m reminded of the dangly earrings with pale pink stones I chose to wear to see the live-action Cinderella and reach for those. And now we need another gif.

Glass slippers I do not have (still looking/ googling), but black low sneakers will do. I know, a contrast, but when Cinderella worked, she also had comfortable shoes on. Also, I can’t afford to loose a shoe, because there will be no fabulous carriage waiting for me at the end of the day and I prefer to have two items of what was meant to be a pair.