Kate and William Wedding Nostalgia

Yeah, yeah, I’m one of those people. Deal with it.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently celebrated 8 years since they got married and seeing all the predictable photo galleries being pulled up online sent me on my own small trip down memory lane.

At the time I was I was doing an internship at an online women’s magazine which proved to be educational in many ways, and also provided valuable interactions with supervisors that I still remember clearly, and fondly. It was a special, formative time for me, and while I knew that when it ended, I would be facing most likely several months of looking for my first post-graduation job, I enjoyed my internship to the fullest.

April rolled around and everyone was excited about “the big day”. While I was definitely not a lazy intern, I won’t lie that I was more than pleased when I was told I was allowed to watch the Royal Wedding right there in the office. Basically all day long. My supervisors and colleagues had to work – tweeting, writing, editing photos, you name it. Meanwhile, I sat back and watched Kate Middleton arrive at Westminster Abbey, hoping all the while that our internet connection wouldn’t break.

When she exited the car and turned around, smiling, to wave in that first amazing moment, the whole office collectively sighed. I was sitting right opposite my boss and as I emitted my own “Ohhh”, searching for words, she quietly said, “Yes, she’s beautiful.”

Besides the excitement of watching an event I knew was being followed internationally, I suppose it also offered some natural respite from whatever sad things were going on in the world at that time, and of those there are always more than plenty. Aside from the pomp, the glamour, the jewels, the staggering media coverage all over the world, I think the refreshing part was that there were plenty of moments watching the bride in particular (and as a woman, I guess I looked  more at her than at anyone else at that wedding) that were relatable. I had been to several lovely weddings and seen my own sisters become brides, looked at various wedding pictures from my family – regardless of circumstances, that special bridal glow was the same everywhere.

I can’t not quote something about the Duchess of Cambridge’s unforgettable wedding gown, and Megan Hess said it especially well in her beautiful book The Dress. 100 Iconic Moments in Fashion: “Kate’s wedding dress was always going to have an impact on style history – seared into our minds and inspiring thousands of knock-offs. Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen designed the chosen gown, which, with its full skirt and long sleeves, was inevitably traditional.” Additionally, one commentator from this clip of the BBC coverage of Kate Middleton’s arrival expresses it accurately too: “I am beside myself, this is such a fashion moment, I can’t tell you <…> It’s exquisite. She…” Trailing off, she stops for a while, leaving us to fill in the blanks ourselves, and then she simply concludes with “That is a fabulous dress.” True!





“Recycling” Your Clothes

As has probably been clear from this blog, I do my fair share of pop-culture related and celebrity media coverage reading. It provides smalltalk or even full-fledged conversation fodder and taps in to my non-malicious sarcasm streak. It’s also, at times, simply baffling. Especially in the area of this type of coverage focusing on women. And I have just about had it with one particular wording repeating itself in English-speaking media all over the world:

Kate Middleton recycling her clothes. Seriously! Here’s a small selection of headline examples:

From the giggling…

MailOnline: A royal blush! Kate recycles a shimmering pale pink £3,000 Jenny Packham gown as she and Prince William attend an opulent charity gala in Norfolk.

to the gossipy…

Independent.ie: That looks familiar! Kate Middleton recycles Roksanda ress for Wimbledon.

…to the possibly breathless with excitement (I mean, Snapchat)…

Celebuzz: Kate Middleton Makes her Snapchat Debut in a Recycled Dress.

…to the profound, mind-shattering questions:

EOnline: Is It Time for Kate Middleton to Stop Recycling Clothes?

Is it time to throw away clothes entirely and go outside in creations improvised from stuff lying around the house?

At least as a grown woman I finally know what I have been doing with clothes all my life that I have actually kept – I did not wear them, I recycled them. Regardless of what one thinks of the Duchess of Cambridge and the British monarchy, I say kudos to stepping out during public events in dresses the media is dilligent enough to recognize and zealously catalog. And to be honest, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t care. She shouldn’t. But must there be a term for this? Yes, society, celebrity and style coverage play by their own rules, but the word  “recycle” just irkes me.

Ah, who cares about the media anyway.