What To Wear #57: Skirt Is Red, Blouse Is Blue

“I think you should go with the red. It’s the color of confidence!” Legally Blonde is another quoting staple I frequently refer to.

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To be honest, I think any color you wear is the color of confidence, as long as it’s a color you like, one that plays up and brightens what you feel are your best points and otherwise makes you feel however you want to feel that day. Being a redhead, it took a while for me to find a way around red. Working it in to my wardrobe initially seemed a bit of a challenge, but I kept coming back to the idea, and also some shades of red I’d see either in pictures or on other women repeatedly appealed to me. Another friendly helper along the way was the book How to Be a Redhead by Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti of howtobearedhead.com, in which the sister authors bust the myth about us gingers not being able to indulge in playing with this particular color.

I love how the essential coolness of blue balances against inherent warmth of red. The flared skirt jumped out at me from a rack and wearing it is a pleasure. I’ve mentioned before that I’m still experimenting a bit when it comes to blouses, so this one is meant to be worn with skirts, at least in my case – I’m tall and the blouse is on the shorter side. If I wear it with trousers, I’ll end up tugging on it all the time and defeating the purpose by simply not being myself. For this outfit I simply tuck the blouse in the waistband of the skirt, which sits a little bit higher, adding that feminine 1950s vibe, or at least that’s what I tell myself.

The shoes are very comfortable pumps that make for good walking around the city and don’t make me balance instead of progress. I’ve come to the conclusion that a thicker heal, when wearing higher shoes, does it for me. Rounding off the accessories is one of my favourite necklaces that works both during daytime and as a more dressy companion to an evening outfit. I remember when not so long ago statement necklaces were mentioned everywhere, and suddenly all my usual haunts for buying costume jewelry were full of them. At first I wasn’t interested, but then I was inspired by some gorgeous chokers in a few old movies and a friend’s stylish accessorizing. So voilà. I think I would have still liked this one, though.

Ready to go.

Blouse: C&A

Skirt: C&A

Shoes: Zalando

Jewelry: Bijou Brigitte


What to Wear #55: Blouse Time

This is not the outfit choice I expected for today, but it’s a little frisch and not quite summer dress weather, so why not.

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The attempt at a bucolic design has had co-workers looking at me closely in the past, probably in an attempt to locate the cute houses or make out the sheep. Who doesn’t like some sheep scattered on a hill? The blouse is very comfortable and it’s fun to spend the day wearing a motif I have yet to see on someone else in my surroundings. The earrings and ring are in keeping with the colour scheme which includes grey jeggings. And since I’m wearing a blouse, why not add these very stable black pumps for full (not too) formal measure.

Might put the pumps on in the office, though, and walk to work in other shoes.

Ready to go.

Blouse: Bonprix.

Jeggings: C&A.

Ring and earrings: I AM or SIX.

Shoes: Tamaris.

What to Wear #24

I enjoyed wearing that long denim shirt so much yesterday (actually, I always do), that I’m not feeling like straying too far from that outfit idea today. But as I have written before, one of my personal style commandments is that thou shalt not wear the same pattern two days in a row, much less the same top! Yes, I do change my outfit every day. As my dear grandmother used to say, the best way to preserve an item of clothing is to wear it.

Another top I discovered in Kapp Ahl during my trip to Oslo last year floats out of my closet and off the hanger. A long blouse or button-down shirt that almost reaches my knees, it is indeed satisfyingly long. With a creamy-white-slightly-beige background covered in a delicate paisley pattern in tangerine, red, blush pink, brown and a bit of black, it feels suitable to both autumn and spring. The colors in the pattern are interesting to work with.

I’m feeling like my slightly-olive-green leggings will work with this, but to avoid looking like Peter Pan (even though it’s so cool how he can just fly at will) and also because the blouse-shirt-top is slightly transparent, I put on a nude-colored long sleeveless tank top first. Now we’ve got it! “He can fly!” – “He can fly!” – “He flew.”

Dangly goldstone earrings pick up nicely on both the brown and the blush pink on the top, and the brown Chelsea boots will work with the whole ensemble.


What to Wear #22

“I think you should go with red. It’s the color of confidence.” I’ve watched Legally Blonde so many times that this line from the scene when Elle is shopping with her friends for what she thinks will be a very special dress inevitably pops up in my head whenever I look at a red item of clothing. Especially since, as I mentioned before, I’m a cautious redhead when it comes to…red! Ha! See what I did there?

But red somehow finds its way in to my outfit choices every week, be it in the form of lipstick, accessories or a garment (that sounds so nice). This week I feel “…bold and daring.” Considering I’ve seen Beauty and the Beast five times since it came out, it’s no surprise that a quote from the (animated) film flew in here.

The long glowing long, loose-fit blouse (similar to the cut of the possibly pink one I wore a while ago) almost removes itself from my closet. Maybe it’s not a blouse, maybe long button-down shirt is the correct term? The color might actually border on scarlet, which in turn makes me think of the Russian word for this, alyj (алый, yeah, probably no one will be able to pronounce it properly until they hear it), and then a little-known outside of Russia, but enchanting gem of a novel by Alexander Grin called Scarlet Sails, then the Russian fairytale Scarlet Flower and the cartoon based on it. The story could actually be viewed as the Russian version of Beauty and the Beast. I just can’t let go!

Where was I? As also mentioned previously on this blog, my go-to choices of colors to combine with red are either black, grey or various shades of blue, which still remain my tried and tested staples. But due to feeling bold and daring, I’d like to (successfully) contrast my scarlet top with some patterned legwear. One rummage in the leggings box later and I find what I’m looking for: white background, yellow, black, light-blue and green-blue flowers. Rain and even hail have visited Hamburg in the last few days, but it is still spring, and with the aid of those trusty leg-warmers I’m feeling not only bold and daring, but powerful. “…power, power! Forgive me a cruel chuckle, mmm, power.” Disney’s Robin Hood is another frequently used one for quotes.

Gold drop (I think) earrings and a matching ring with stones picking up the green-blue of some of the flowers on the leggings round up the accessories, as well as the very comfortable brown Chelsea boots. Neutral lipgloss et voilà.

What to Wear #12

How about this long I-think-lighter-fuchsia blouse? It’s spring, the sun is shining, and while I wear bright colors at any time of the year, with the warmer weather it feels especially important to do so.

Blouses have become a little trickier for me as I grew taller and searched for ones that did not ride up at the back when I sat down or bent over, ones that were not cut too narrowly in the armpit area (yuck) and ones with comfortable sleeves. I also looked for ones that weren’t necessarily formal – when I was growing up, the ones in circulation were mostly on the slightly stricter side and I remember wearing white ones to poetry recitals, school competitions and even birthday parties. But I enjoyed it and remember very clearly feeling like I looked “smart”.

What I still hanker after ever since I saw them is the beautifully tailored, both comfortable and chic-looking blouses that JJ often wears in Criminal Minds – maybe one day. She sure pulls the whole look together.

My blouse is on the looser side, so blue jeggings will accompany it on its journey today. With blouses that are more casual than business attire, as with most of my tops, I tend to fold or roll up the sleeves – I guess it’s a habit. I also type and write a lot most days, so maybe it’s just a natural impulse so that my forearms are free, with nothing in the way of holding down this babbling.

Though the tempation to layer is great (more is more!), the blouse is bold enough to stand on its own. The only accessories I feel like including are dangly earrings with little pale-blue-greenish stones. They are a contrast, but a combinable one. Pinks and bluish-greens also work well together.