What To Wear #66: “We’ll Always Have Paris”

It’s not quite as dramatic as all that – we’re talking about just a T-shirt here, after all. Still, I can’t miss an opportunity to quote a classic.

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I picked out the T-shirt a few years ago while rummaging in those numerous tourist souvenir (kitsch) shops near the Louvre, and not only does it have some of my favourite landmarks from Paris on it, it also has some glitter sewn on it! Score. The scarf is an addition due to Hamburg’s typical weather forecast for today, namely, we don’t know, and I don’t want a sore neck due to a draft. The boots work well both in the autumn and during warmer seasons, and the heel is comfortable both for balance and walking longer distances in. They also go with almost any outfit. Jeans? Mais oui, bien sur, the classic combo with an individual twist.

Ready to go.

T-shirt: souvenir shop in Paris

Scarf: flea market

Jeans: C&A


What to Wear #32: Roses Are Red

Yes, sometimes they are, but there are also many other colours. The ones accompanying my outfit today are white and grey, against a black background.

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The way my outfit ideas take shape, aside from the influence of practical considerations like the weather or my schedule, is usually either triggered by entertainment consumed within the last weeks or the desire to wear one particular item, and then the rest pops up around it. In this case, the one particular item were the rose-and-generally-flower-patterned tights from Calzedonia, which I got on sale during a memorable winter break in Verona – another city that won my heart.

Roses do have a special meaning for me. When I was younger, my grandmother, who lived in another city, sent me letters. One of them stands out in my memory. Her eyesight was gradually failing, and as I pulled her letter out of the envelope, I could see that her handwriting was a little different. But the whole letter was written in green ink, and at the end of it was a small drawing with the caption, “These are the roses that grow on my balcony.” The flowerpot was also drawn in green, and on top of the stems poking out from it were bright red pops of colour. These flowers might not have been roses, but my grandmother could see them, and my grandfather, who has the greenest thumb in the whole family, lovingly tended to them year after year. I kept that letter, and ever since, without fail, whenever I see red roses, I think of my grandmother.

The cherry red finely pleated skirt compliments the femininity of the tights, while being individual enough itself. Since I have this pop of colour in the middle of the outfit, I opt for black on top – the short black cardigan I thought lost had simply slipped further back in my closet, and I pair it with a sleeveless black shirt. Velvety black ankle boots since I’m feeling slightly chic, a slender silver chain with a sparkly pendant, silver stud earrings and one of my favourite lipsticks rounds up the accessories for this suit of armour.

What to Wear #28: A Bit Formal

New week, new outfits! I’m willing to live in leggings all the time, and while I’m a big fan of sticking to what works for you, what you feel comfortable in, I also like variety. Hence my black trousers popped in to my head and I went on the new outfit search journey from there. I don’t have a strict dresscode at work, which is amazing – I get to experiment a lot, and there are also so many other stylish people with their own individual take on style to observe. Yes, we all just look at each other and do this:

The last time I wore these black trousers was to a trade fair last year. I wasn’t sure about dressing as informally or colorfully as I usually do, since this was a business event. I had also discovered I literally didn’t have anything besides leggings and jeans, so like the (occasionally) mature woman I am, I went on a slightly nerve-wracking, but ultmately successful shopping trip. For me, despite my love of all items informal, fun, quirky and constant pull to layer, black trousers are a staple I feel like owning, even a kind of small family tradition. Power suit still needs some thinking about, though, but I’m working on it.

But they do feel a little more formal to me. One of my many shorter cardigans looks like it will work in this case, the dark-teal (totally googled proper color names just now). It also sings to the formal tune I decided I have going on, but the color choice ensures the outfit doesn’t end up too severe in combination with the black of the lower half. I love me a scarf, and I go for it with a silver-white and turquoise background, with a pattern of flowers in the same colors. It is spring, after all, and this accessory also takes care of the element of whimsy I love to include in my daily attire. Not so formal after all, I guess! I got the scarf at a market stall in Florence and every time I look at it, it reminds me of days spent in one of the most enchanting European cities I’ve ever been to. My trusty black velvety ankle boots are the shoe choice for today, as a friend and I are going out to dinner later and I don’t mind wearing slightly dressier shoes. Actually, these work both ways.

But the following day I’m definitely gonna go geek…