Hamburg in the Time of Corona: Heat Wave 2020!?

The curtains are drawn, the windows are closed to avoid letting in the warm air of the currently breezless evening and my fan is plugged in. It’s summer in Hamburg, everyone! But are we getting another heat wave?

This is fun to talk about, because we never really know how long it will last. It’s been a lovely week in terms of the weather already, but this weekend is already a taster for what’s to come, because if the weather forecast is to be believed (if it’ll stay that way in this city of “let’s make it rain for 15 minutes and then get the sun to come out and then rain again when all the cyclists are on their way home after work, because people are avoiding public transport these days, mwahahahaha!”), starting Monday the temperature will be climbing up, up, up on a daily basis. Bring it on!

All my habits and valuable knowledge gained from the great heat waves of 2018 and 2019 are kicking in at once. I just need to remember NOT to open the curtains tomorrow morning before I leave for work. Another project to concentrate on.

Sunscreen season has definitely arrived. And I just came up with this: asking a redhead if he or she has put on sunscreen (“Hast du dich eingecremt?” in German, “Hast du dich nicht eingecremt?” if you still got sunburned, happens, but some well-meaning local who is suddenly an expert asks you all the same) is like…asking someone if they have their mask with them? If a millennial charged their phone?

How does one combine the natural burst of joy about summer with Hamburg in the time of corona? Well, thanks to the previous months and reading the news, it’s possible to guess which places in the city will get crowded and therefore likely attract police attention. There are plenty of positive notes to make, such as Hamburg being one of the greenest cities in Germany and therefore offering lots of choices for having some space outside of where ‘everyone else’ might congregate; varied bike routes; shaded streets in the many lovely districts here; no lockdown; walks; summer clothes.

I do find myself daydreaming from time to time… Let’s just call it relaxed planning for now, shall we?




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