My Top Ten Gifs for (Describing) Any Situation

The glorious emphasis of a gif, quotes and acting all rolled into one, changing texting, chatting and blogging forever…

Credit for the idea for this blog post goes to my sister.

For me, the gifs below just keep on gifing. I know, but I had to go there. This is a general list, but it already got me thinking about gifs by occasion or category…Thanks goes to the bottomless and wonderful, which probably makes up 75 percent of the links on this blog since its inception. So here we go! In no particular order. Obviously each gif is not limited to the occasions and emotions mentioned.

If you want to go beyond the hugging emoji, express sympathy, congratulations, joy, thanks, make someone laugh or just like monkeys:

Feeling like a flirty geek, talking about hair stuff, being at the beach, getting ready to go out, trying to fit in:

Anything related to the joys of reading and dreaming about your own library room at home:

Anything, just let it go (I know, but I can’t not):

Jubilation, cheering, any kind of exaggerated happiness, frenzied applause that you can’t do out loud in the moment, adoration, mocking:


This is one of my most used. Enthusiasm, anticipation, fangirling of any kind, sarcasm:

Full House was part of my youth, and after watching all the seasons again recently, I have to conclude that Michelle’s catchphrases are as relevant as ever, so if you want to add a little pop culture to your “Will do” or “Of course”:

Fireworks are lovely, great gif to send someone on their birthday before you actually meet them to give them their real present:

And finally, the always cute pick-me-up after all this excitement:



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