What to Wear #56: Boho Wannabe

I’m pretty sure this is a very casual take on boho style, involving only two elements that constitute the boho possibility. But sometimes it’s about quality and not quantity, isn’t it?

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The pink top has proven surprisingly versatile. Despite clearly thin material, I’ve successfully layered it with another top and a scarf in winter and it’s often my go-to choice for a spring vibe in Hamburg’s often very autumn-like weather. “It’s pink!” Knee-jerk quote reaction.

The earrings are from a pre-Christmas shopping event I went to with a friend. There were a lot of individual, eye-catching creations to look at. I was strolling around taking it all in when one particular stall caught my eye. The girl selling the items was wearing a long loose cardigan and some of the most unusual, coolest earrings I’d ever seen. The whole combination looked like just my kind of thing. Upon closer inspection the earrings turned out to be precisely cut strips of leather in various colours, shaped to create layered feathers. Best of all, the price didn’t burst the bank and they were feather-light (score). I love wearing them.

Ready to go.

Top: most likely H&M on sale.

Jeggings: C&A.

Earrings: jonneygold

Ring: basket in a shop in Spain on Costa Brava.





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