What to Wear #52: Roses and Stripes

Unless they are peonies, not roses, but in any case, they are pretty flowers set against a winningly contrasting background.

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I was visiting the city of Kiel last weekend and it was raining steadily the whole time. Welcome to Norddeutschland! My friend and I were, however, undeterred in pursuing our plans of browsing at the local flea market. Like a child I heard on the street today answering her mother about where she wanted to go with “Da! Wo das Eis ist!” (it is summer, after all), I too had a purpose. I spent several minutes going through clothes at a table overseen by two nice girls who looked like they had a style similar to mine, and apparently I impressed them with something, because they asked me where my “accent” was from and said they thought it was southern German. I was both surprised and amused. That particular accent is very distinctive, after all, and feeds the saying that Bavaria is another country within Germany. Have to think of that Fun with Flags episode on The Big Bang Theory with Amy dressed up as a pretzel and Sheldon wearing Bavarian gear. “Good evening, das YouTube!”

The hooded cotton top found its way to my bag, and it goes well with the dark-teal coloured sleeveless dress that I probably wear once a week. I’m feeling pleased about the comfort level of the combination and a flower pattern always makes me smile. A few well-worn, but still acceptable (not real) silver rings and rose-shaped stud earrings accessorize this Hamburg summer ensemble. The shoes are part of a successful sneaker haul during a recent sale. It’s funny how I used to be averse to the idea of combining sneakers with a dress, but that was before there was so much choice with this particular shoe. Add the combination of the changeable local weather and a bad ankle sprain two years ago that made me question my relationship with heels (I know, such a problem), and I was sold before I realized it.

Ready to go.

Top: flea market in Kiel.

Dress: Zalando.

Rings and earrings: the usual suspects, Bijou Brigitte and SIX.

Shoes: Deichmann.


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