What to Wear #50: Part of Your World

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It’s a little frisch (cool) outside, as they say here, so I once again revert to layers, while not cancelling out summer attire.

I wrote about this Ariel dress on this blog once before. Besides my oft-repeated declarations of love for Disney’s The Little Mermaid

…the dress I found on fan merch haven EMP is very comfortable, flowing easily. It works well both on its own or with a cardigan and thin leggings.

Sparkling light-blue earrings and a pearl ring loosely keep in line with the nautical theme that’s related to the story.

Ready to go.

Dress: EMP.

Cardigan: H&M.

Leggings: C&A.

Earrings: most likely either Bijou Brigitte or SIX.

Ring: basket in a shop in Spain. It fits only my pinky.



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