What to Wear #47: Why the Hell Not

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that we all need to get dressed in the morning if we’re going somewhere…and even if we aren’t.

I have been the first one to laughingly declare I wouldn’t have a problem with pajama Friday at work (while feverishly going through the pajamas I own in my mind to determine which I would be brave enough to come to the office in). But it would take away all the magic out of wearing them home, the sweet relief of it, and also there are things about other people one doesn’t want to know.

Hence, attire! “I have nothing to wear” moments don’t happen to me, because I do have stuff to wear and I enjoy putting outfits together. I may change my mind, I may fuss, I may needlessly agonize, I will usually laugh at myself, but will always feel a sense of achievement after getting it done. Life is difficult enough without letting myself be overwhelmed by clothes.

Maybe I’m just a tough chick.

So what do I feel like today? I feel like jeans, my PINK “Why the Hell Not” T-shirt and another scarf.

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Ready to go.



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