What to Wear #46: If It Ain’t Broke

Like with a favourite dish at a restaurant. There are some places I will occasionally go to for lunch, and the thought of trying out something new is tempting at first, but then I see my tried and tested choice on the menu and I happily go for it again.

I liked yesterday’s shirt and maxi skirt combo so much that I decided to go for it again. Feeling like something white, so my trusty “I’m a Disney Princess, That’s Why” T-shirt will have its moment, paired with a dark-red jersey maxi skirt (H&M, very comfortable). A scarf? Mais oui, bien sur!

The purple bracelts are among my favourite costume jewelry pieces that I’ve had for almost nine years, bought on my first ever Christmas vacation in Europe. I found the multi-coloured one somewhere else later, and it went so well with the pack that I just kept them together.

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Ready to go.



2 thoughts on “What to Wear #46: If It Ain’t Broke

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