What to Wear #45: Scarf Awareness Week

I think I have a scarf that also successfully doubles as a wrap for any outfit combination. Some of them just might need to be ironed first (damn) depending on the occasion.

Where I come from, you rarely wore scarves for ornamental reasons. You wore beautiful Russian shawls in varying degrees of thickness, or thick scarves during the winter to stay warm. When you have Siberian roots, you don’t wear any kinds of scarves in spring or summer, because are you insane, you need to make the most of the season when you don’t have to cover up to survive!

The special love for summer remains, but perhaps the above is also the reason why I became such a scarf hoarder in Hamburg. You’re never cold and rarely hot with one, and it’s also fun to see the ends billowing in the wind. Loop scarves, though, not for me. I want to do my own looping. I also dislike pulling things over my head.

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I’m pretty sure this mint-coloured beauty, which I also like to pair with yellow tops, came from a flea market too. I feel refreshed just looking at it. The T-shirt is a reminder of a fun day shopping during sale season with a friend, and the jersey navy-blue maxi skirt completes the ensemble.

Ready to go.


2 thoughts on “What to Wear #45: Scarf Awareness Week

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