What to Wear #24

I enjoyed wearing that long denim shirt so much yesterday (actually, I always do), that I’m not feeling like straying too far from that outfit idea today. But as I have written before, one of my personal style commandments is that thou shalt not wear the same pattern two days in a row, much less the same top! Yes, I do change my outfit every day. As my dear grandmother used to say, the best way to preserve an item of clothing is to wear it.

Another top I discovered in Kapp Ahl during my trip to Oslo last year floats out of my closet and off the hanger. A long blouse or button-down shirt that almost reaches my knees, it is indeed satisfyingly long. With a creamy-white-slightly-beige background covered in a delicate paisley pattern in tangerine, red, blush pink, brown and a bit of black, it feels suitable to both autumn and spring. The colors in the pattern are interesting to work with.

I’m feeling like my slightly-olive-green leggings will work with this, but to avoid looking like Peter Pan (even though it’s so cool how he can just fly at will) and also because the blouse-shirt-top is slightly transparent, I put on a nude-colored long sleeveless tank top first. Now we’ve got it! “He can fly!” – “He can fly!” – “He flew.”

Dangly goldstone earrings pick up nicely on both the brown and the blush pink on the top, and the brown Chelsea boots will work with the whole ensemble.



One thought on “What to Wear #24

  1. Back with plaids, more of floral and Love for denim, I think it’s the continuation of spring trend. And I think the top is also great. Spring is the season for layering.


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