What to Wear #23

While rummaging in the leggings box yesterday, I saw another pair I wanted to wear immediately. They had a black background and either slightly splotchy or slightly distorted flowers printed on it. I held them in my hands and finally knew what the pattern reminded me of, though it wasn’t necessarily in the same style. I was taken back to a summer back home, reading The Ghost of Tillie Jean Cassaway by Ellen Harvey Showell and illustrated by Stephen Gammell. The book was a significant contribution to my fascination with ghost stories and Gammell’s illustrations were both beautiful and scary, perfectly visualizing the chilling undertone of the book and the somehow not hopeless sadness of the unfolding story.

Who says clothes are boring.

I tear myself away from memory lane (until I come back later) and continue. The leggings are a bit on the nylon side, so I’d appreciate more coverage on top. My beloved long denim I-think-slightly-billowing-watch-me-go button-down from Kapp Ahl in Oslo once again proves to be a trusty companion, as does a light-grey sleeveless tank top, because, again, who wants drafts to make their way around your limbs. One eye-catching accessory feels like enough, so I go for the leaf-branch-shaped silver ring and the little sparkling studs. One slick of fuchsia lip crayon and I’m ready to go.



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