What to Wear #20

All this Beauty and the Beast viewing has me hankering after red roses again, so I’ll put on this white sweatshirt with red roses. I got it in H&M (many will probably know which one I’m talking about) for 5 euros during a lovely weekend in Utrecht, a charming town I hope to come back to again.

Surprise, surprise, it’s still chilly, so I shall once again work with layers. A long black tank top goes underneath the sweatshirt – it extends from underneath it and adds proportion to the rest of the outfit, as the sweatshirt is a bit on the shorter side. I’m still inspired by the I’m-a-flower-green-bottoms-as-a-hypthetical-stem idea from yesterday, so not-quite-olive-green leggings join the crew. The black leg-warmers (yeah, I’ve kind of become a fan) compliment the black top and add the laid-back vibe I was also going for with this outfit. It is chillier, but it’s still too warm for boots, but I don’t want chilled ankles.

Red and green are another color combination I enjoy experimenting with, because this presents one constant challenge: not to end up looking like a Christmas tree when it’s not Christmas.

Not that I’m going to see Beauty and the Beast for the fourth time, or anything.



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