What to Wear #19

Well, this is becoming not only a leggings week, but a week of daring choices! I’m sailing a fashionista wave. I’m an unstoppable force of self-expression.

Or I’ve just shopped enough and like babbling about myself, being an overgrown teenager who still sometimes finds it hard to believe that she bought herself her very own closet.

I love long tops, and I love long tops with a colorful print even more. This one is slightly longer in the back, with 3/4 sleeves and round cut-outs just below the shoulder on the upper arms. No, I’m not cold when I wear this thing. White background, and large lilac, fuchsia. pink and even orange flowers plus green leaves adorn this creation, and I love wearing it. I was strolling through TK Maxx with a friend, or attempting to stroll, because it was a Saturday and the place was hopelessly crowded with women who were snatching clothes of racks with a glassy look in their by then unseeing eyes. “We have to leave now, this is too much”, my friend said. I nodded, turned around, saw the top, glanced at the size tag, grabbed it with optimism sparking off my fingers, and here we are.

I’ve already worn both black leggings and jeggings this week, so I’m feeling like adding something different on the bottom. It should be more on the neutral side to classically balance out the garden show on the top, but not too neutral. The solution is light olive green leggins with darker stretchy insets and I’m curious to try them out. Flowers on top, some kind of green on the bottom – stem and blossom look, check.

That gold ring with the white, very slightly holographic stone finds its way to the pile, as do the small gold earring studs. It’s supposed to be a cloudy day, which makes me want to wear bright colors on principle.




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