What to Wear #16

It’s chilly! Spring is still here, everything is blooming, the sun occasionally shines, but temperatures have dropped once again, even if they are the ones we were wishing for back in cold, windy February. But it is actually too chilly for lighter dresses.

Life’s great challenges. Well, let’s do what usually works in this changeable local climate – layers! And a bit more coverage.

I’ve swallowed The Waterfire Saga by Jennifer Donnelly last week, and since then ocean-inspired blues and greens are swirling around my mind.

I feel like putting on the dark-green-not-quite-dark-green long-sleeved jersey dress – it’s comfortable for the longer day ahead of me. Black leggings will join it, as well as the thin multicolored cardigan that picks up the tone of the dress.

Starfish-shaped stud earrings in pale pink complete the look and include that bit of mermaid inspiration I’ve been feeling. Up and at ’em.

(Secretly, I’m just waiting for the day to end so I can go out and do this:)



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