What to Wear #12

How about this long I-think-lighter-fuchsia blouse? It’s spring, the sun is shining, and while I wear bright colors at any time of the year, with the warmer weather it feels especially important to do so.

Blouses have become a little trickier for me as I grew taller and searched for ones that did not ride up at the back when I sat down or bent over, ones that were not cut too narrowly in the armpit area (yuck) and ones with comfortable sleeves. I also looked for ones that weren’t necessarily formal – when I was growing up, the ones in circulation were mostly on the slightly stricter side and I remember wearing white ones to poetry recitals, school competitions and even birthday parties. But I enjoyed it and remember very clearly feeling like I looked “smart”.

What I still hanker after ever since I saw them is the beautifully tailored, both comfortable and chic-looking blouses that JJ often wears in Criminal Minds – maybe one day. She sure pulls the whole look together.

My blouse is on the looser side, so blue jeggings will accompany it on its journey today. With blouses that are more casual than business attire, as with most of my tops, I tend to fold or roll up the sleeves – I guess it’s a habit. I also type and write a lot most days, so maybe it’s just a natural impulse so that my forearms are free, with nothing in the way of holding down this babbling.

Though the tempation to layer is great (more is more!), the blouse is bold enough to stand on its own. The only accessories I feel like including are dangly earrings with little pale-blue-greenish stones. They are a contrast, but a combinable one. Pinks and bluish-greens also work well together.






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