What to Wear #11

It is a truth (most likely) universally (or at least in many parts of the world) acknowledged that one must sometimes go to IKEA. Actually, I myself grew up without one nearby. Buying furniture was always a huge decision which included lengthy searches and plenty of arrangements.

I went there for the first time a few years ago, after I had moved from my (fully furnished) student dorm room to my first (completely unfurnished, except for my robust inflatable bed) apartment. It was Friday evening and within a few minutes of entering the store I was convinced, as I have often repeated to my friends since, that I had found my own little bit of hell. Oh, the drama!

Spoiler: I was simply tired, starting to get hungry, fed up, nervous and it felt strange to be buying several pieces of furniture to make up a whole new place just for myself.

A trip to IKEA means practical, comfortable shoes good for walking on cobblestone surfaces, of which there are more than enough in Hamburg, so black sneakers it is. Unless you are going to just “look at stuff” and know a candle or two might find its way in to your shopping bag, than non-sneaker choices are possible. But I don’t need candles, and I cold-bloodedly know I won’t be tempted by one, though I enjoy the long-standing joke. My personal weakness is actually the department with all those storage boxes, especially the ones you can carry home nicely since they are flat and then unfold and put up easily.

A trip to IKEA for me also means jeans – the classic blue ones, slightly faded, but still acceptable for a workplace with no dresscode and subsequent activities after the Feierabend. They might need a belt, though. I’m not very good with belts, that might be a minor style challenge on my list. Or I’ll just continue to get clothes that work without and not wear them, so there!

A trip to IKEA makes me feel like wearing that navy-blue and white plaid shirt with the navy-blue tank top. It’s a new week, and I’ve wanted to wear this ever since last weeks’s plaid shirt ensemble, so here we go. This shirt also came from a sale during a lovely trip to Paris last year, and in addition to that getaway, it reminds me of traveling to my friend’s wedding a couple of months after.

I will allow myself a matte red lip. I really like the interaction of red and blue, particularly navy blue. Black usually successfully offsets other bright colors and suits almost anything, but it’s fun to find functioning contrasts with other dark hues.



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