What to Wear #9

It is still sneaker weather, and since I might go to the park for lunch, no heels allowed. The sneakers are black with a hot pink stripe along the sole, and flowers in a similar color with a smattering of some other shades. I’ve traveled in them a lot last year and they have served me well.

Black leggings follow, since I want to keep the legs neutral before I up the color ante further up with my dark cherry/magenta/or is it dark fuchsia (I’ve mentioned this shade before) long tank top. It picks up on the pink on the sneakers without overloading the pink factor. I love a denim shirt with a leggings and long tank top combo as well, so the longer one it is. I got it during my first trip to Oslo and whenever I look at it, it reminds me of the city with its endless waterviews, bright sunlight and eye-catching architecture, as well as the fast, but fun shopping session my friend and I had at Kapp Ahl. With obvious adjustments for my adult self, but this was how I used to dress as a kid – bright sneakers, leggings, a bright top and a denim shirt were my uniform for getting around. I felt free and energetic, like I thankfully do now.

I feel like there’s enough going on with the brightness of the sneakers and the length of the shirt, so no bracelets or necklaces this time, but I’m going for big earrings, namely the silver leaf-shaped ones, and as I said, there’s a flower print on the sneakers, bam!

This is probably the quickest amount of time in which I put an outfit together this week. It’s also Thursday, and with the weekend approaching, I always feel like putting more of an emphasis on the “throw” than the “together” in choosing what to wear.

The revelation of my coolness is bowling me over.




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