What to Wear #8

Bottoms once again pop up first. I sort of promised some friends I’d wear these to work since the weather is finally warm enough and it’s been a while. Disney’s animated Cinderella leggings, yet another story about shoes, I’m sensing a theme here. Unfortunately, these particular leggings are sold out, so I’m glad I grabbed them during that sale, but you can see what they look like here. And the description is really sweet. Can’t finish this paragraph without a gif.

The harlequin or echoing-the-castle-windows in the film pattern of the leggings goes very well with a fitted dark-blue knee-length denim dress (love denim), and the variety of colors makes for options when choosing accessories. I’m reminded of the dangly earrings with pale pink stones I chose to wear to see the live-action Cinderella and reach for those. And now we need another gif.

Glass slippers I do not have (still looking/ googling), but black low sneakers will do. I know, a contrast, but when Cinderella worked, she also had comfortable shoes on. Also, I can’t afford to loose a shoe, because there will be no fabulous carriage waiting for me at the end of the day and I prefer to have two items of what was meant to be a pair.





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