What to Wear #7

Shoes come first once again! Dark-but-not-too-dark-red low-heeled Mary-Janes that make me think of Mary-Jane from the older Spider-Man movies (because of the shoe name, not the shoe itself). That’s how Spider-Man started (and ended) for me – I was so hooked on her and Peter’s love story. And devastated by the end of the very first movie, as my sister turned to me and strictly said, “That was right.”

Yes, what was coming were two more sequels, providing nerve-wracking viewing hours for all those of us invested in the romance of these long-suffering lovers.

As for the prominence that shoe choices play in my style life, I’m thinking back to the illustrations in the edition of the Russian version of Wizard of Oz that we had at home, and, surprise, surprise, the shoes are imprinted on my memory – silver-grey with light-gold bows. Combine that with reading and watching various versions of Cinderella and then the Wizard of Oz with Judy Garland – some of my interests and shopping patterns are not suprising anymore. I also have a theory that Russians are drawn to the color red, and this has been true for me too, despite being a cautious redhead. The Russian word for “red” is also linked linguistically to the word that means “beautiful”.

It’s going to be a longer day, and it’s also spring, so I want to be feeling both pretty and comfortable. The long thin dark-grey cardigan is perfect for the to be sure chillier evening, the long-pale blue tank top with a floral pattern echoes the playful note of the Mary-Janes and hopefully takes care of the “pretty” in this ensemble, concluded with blue jeggings, since those or leggings are my favorite combo with longer tops. I was tempted to wear another plaid shirt, but I do not repeat top patterns two days in a row. Thou shalt not.

The white flowers on the top make me pick out the dangly earrings with a small transparent sphere that has a white flower pattern painted on it. I’ll settle for the nude-or-dark-pink-depending-on-the-manufacturer lipgloss. Actually, I just discovered the label says the shade is called “Happiness in a bottle”. Wow. Who knew it was so easy. And I thought it was a tube?

Imagining a bottle of lipgloss…




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