What to Wear #6

The first item I thought of were my dark(er) gold glittering sneakers (trainers for the lovely Brits among you) that I got last year on sale in Pimkie in Paris, when I said I wouldn’t and I did, so there!

I’m afraid I had to remove the original shoelaces, because with them the sneakers were making Donald Duck sounds everytime I walked.

Why these? I’m seeing Beauty and the Beast tonight for the third time. Even if Belle can’t see me, I feel like this occasion warrants a tribute implemented in my outfit. So in cases like these the jumping off point for me are the colors connected with the main heroine, or ones visible on the clothes she wears. Gold is clearly part of the concept, whether in the castle or in Belle’s ballroom gown, though of course there are many more colors and scenes to pick from. I think Belle would have approved of my choice – glitter and comfort combined. But I will leave any more talk about Beauty and the Beast at that, because I will write a proper blog post about the film once my visits to the cinema are done.

A while after settling on the gold sneakers, I was scrolling through video suggestions on YouTube and watched Lindsey Stirling’s violin cover of Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day (with her drummer and keyboardist clearly enjoying themselves as well).

Ach, memories of my youth and my first trip to Prague, where I heard the song. Aside from the cover being a cool spin on the track that came out all the way back in 2003 (!) and which I know all the lyrics to (yeah…), Lindsey provided me with some major plaidspiration for the rest of my outfit, because as you can see she is also wearing shiny sneakers in the video. I don’t have a violin and I can’t play one, but I listen to her music while I put the rest of my outfit together, some of my favorite looks from her many music videos running through my mind like a slideshow.

My plaid shirt has more navy-blue in it than red, but it still works, paired with a black tank top and dark-blue jeans. You just can’t go wrong with the latter. Everything seems to both successfuly contrast with and balance out the glittering center of attention on my feet.

Gold shoes means gold accessories: small round stud earrings, larger gold ring with that dark gold bit of plastic or wrinkled metal that seems to go with almost anything. Some red-tangerine-ish lip crayon to pick up the red stripes in the shirt, and I’m done.


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