What to Wear #2

Skirt weather, finally! The dark red pleated skirt, or jupe plissée (I did not look that up. And I knew where the accent went. And that there was one. And that it was l’accent aigu. Of course I did, who’s learning French here?!) It is nice to remember that I got it at a sale every time I look at it. I should just shop during sales when I shop for clothes. It simply makes sense. Or wear lots of stuff out first and then shop. That also makes sense.

The skirt shimmers a little when it catches the light, so the top should be matte. That thin short white sweater? No, too white against this dark red, I feel disbalanced. Although it goes very well with the swirling navy blue maxi skirt, wore that outfit to see Swan Lake last year. Can’t beat classical Russian ballet. The short black cardigan and the black shirt? No, I don’t feel like black. It’s not Wednesday and my last name is not Addams. Even if it matches everything. Ah, the short blush pink/old rose/ with beige undertones cardigan and the blush pink/old rose/ no beige undertones sleeveless top.

OK, tights. Ooops, no black pair on hand, even though I’m not going to wear one, grey it is. Should work. Black heeled ankle boots? It’s different with shoes in terms of black, obviously. I’ve got that meeting today and then the dinner in the evening, so more back and forth, but the boots are comfortable. The stud flower earrings match the outfit color palette and the little (fake) rhinestones will add that bit of sparkle for the evening hours. I think the skirt is bright enough to be the only pop of color in this ensemble.

So is Emma Swan Odette or not?



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